Rachel Perry

Rachel Perry was raised in a Baha’i family with parents who taught her the importance of relying on God and turning to the Baha’i Writings for guidance and support. Both parents were new Baha’is and struggled with various issues from their backgrounds. This gave Rachel a unique opportunity to practice the principle of Independent Investigation of Truth and to practice Compassion from a very young age.

In her 20s, Rachel began her own personal work to strive towards her True Self. She overcame personal challenges such as depression, anxiety, alcoholism, prescribed and non-prescribed drug use, and being in a violent relationship. She eventually returned to school to receive her high school diploma equivalency, then went on to receive a college diploma in Journalism, and university degrees in English Literature and Education, with a focus on teaching children with Special Needs.  Rachel then became a work-from-home mother and opened a home daycare while raising her daughter.

After 10 years of marriage, she and her husband separated and were able to cooperate together to raise their beautiful daughter. Serious and mysterious medical issues that had been affecting Rachel throughout her life began to appear life-threatening but with careful investigation and trust in God, Rachel was able to discover the cause of her illness and began a journey to health. After years of slow recovery, she found healing in her body, mind and spirit. With renewed vigour and inspiration, Rachel then re-located across Canada and began working in her field as a Journalist and a Family Support Worker, providing parenting, literacy, and well-being programs to families.

Rachel was trained as a Virtues Facilitator in 2006. Since then, she has lead workshops in school, community, work place and family settings. She accredits her ability to pass through very difficult personal challenges in life by first turning to the Baha’i Writings and implementing the teachings in her life and secondly by considering what virtues can be developed and practiced in any given situation.

Service in the Baha’i community has been important to Rachel. She is grateful for the opportunities to serve in a variety of ways including facilitating a number of Ruhi study circles, being a children’s class teacher, hosting devotions, home-front pioneering, and serving as and LSA member and an Area Coordinator. She is currently taking an online course called “Health and Spirituality” through the Wilmette Institute.

Her recent projects include working on a book and project that explores the topic of health and spirituality with a specific focus on discovering what are the Right Foods to eat and how to eat them – even when you don’t really want to. She is very interested in the connection between food, spirit and relationships, and enjoys writing on this topic.

Rachel has coached individuals, parents, and care-givers for several years. With compassion, wisdom and insight, she offers a listening ear.  With loving-kindness and gentleness she supports her clients on their journey towards discovering the virtues within themselves to draw on to find peacefulness in any life situation. Clients will receive strategies, resources, and tips in service of their goals that they desire for themselves. Coaching sessions will include reciting Baha’i prayers, setting personal goals, and discovering strategies and virtues needed in order to reach those goals.

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