Phone Devotionals

To access 6-8 minute pre-recorded prayers, 24 hours a day, dial 712-770-4019.  You will be asked to put in the access number which is 711466 #

There are six prayer sessions at the moment. Choose either #4, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11 or #13 when they ask for a reference number.

  • #4 includes prayers for mankind and gratitude
  • #7 includes prayers for God’s will and spiritual qualities
  • #8 includes prayers for mankind and God’s will
  • #9 includes prayers for unity and love for others
  • #10 includes prayers for meetings and protection
  • #11 includes prayers for mankind and gratitude
  • #13 is the long healing prayer


Check out Loren Ritacca’s “A Call to Prayer” Facebook page for updates.

Skype Devotionals  

  1. 6:00 am (New York time) which is 11am in London-UK, 12 midday in Berlin, Germany and 10pm in Sydney, Australia.
  1. 6:30 pm (Kingston, Jamaica time) which is 1:30pm in Hawaii, 7:30pm Halifax, Canada and 11:30pm London, UK.

All Baha’is, especially those who are infirm, traveling or who are isolated believers with internet connections are asked to send their contact requests via Skype to the Skype address – Bahai09

Once approved, wait on Skype at the appointed time till you are called to join in.

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