2nd Edition

By Susan Gammage


When hurtful things happen to those we love or to ourselves, we find ourselves asking these important questions:

Why did this happen to me / them?

How can I recover from such pain?

Is it possible to look at this in a positive way?

The solution to turning pain and uncertainty into hope and gratitude is in this book!

Quotes Move the Heart, Mind and Soul Towards Recovery!

Compiled by Susan Gammage, whose own life is an example of the transformative power of these quotes, this book provides 859 quotes in 225 pages on topics that move the heart, mind and soul towards healing and recovery.

A Unique Approach to Healing

“Violence and Abuse: Reasons and Remedies” offers a unique approach to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. These divinely inspired words of Baha’u’llah, Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi uplift and transform the heart of any reader.

In addition, this book contains unique, never before published letters from the Universal House of Justice to individual believers.

Facts You Can Count On

In this book you will find quotes that address:

  • The Nature of the Problem
  • The Purpose of Life
  • Role of Tests and Difficulties
  • The Effects of Abuse on the Survivor
  • Consequences for the Abuser for their actions
  • The Remedies
  • Breaking the Cycle of Violence and Abuse
  • Living a Baha’i Life
  • The Role of Individuals, Families, and Institutions

Check out the full table of contents

100% Guaranteed by God

“Violence and Abuse: Reasons and Remedies” is a perfect and inspirational compilation for those who have suffered abuse, for those who are friends or family of survivors who would like to offer support, and for community members or Local Spiritual Assemblies. It is well-organized, easy-to-read, and offers specific guidance for individuals, family members and Institutions.

As of today, you can begin putting the painful events of the past behind you and embracing the JOYFUL and FULFILLING life that you deserve!


“Therapist who Works with Ritually Abused Clients Highly Recommends It”

Susan’s life and healing journey shows incredible courage. She has been abused by family members which is often the worse kind of abuse to experience. Then you add the ritualistic type of abuses and it becomes more than most people can withstand. It seems that the spiritual Baha’i Writings have truly given her the guidance and the courage to continue on the path of healing. However, it is a long path since she had to learn everything from the beginning. The trauma suffered by the four year old part of her is enormous.

As a clinical therapist who worked with a few ritually abused clients and many clients with dissociative identity disorder due to early abuse I can fully appreciate the difficult journey towards healing. Most people suffer in silence and endure many forms of misdiagnosis before they can finally find a therapist who is willing and able to assist them.

Susan’s book offers guidance to the healing journey. There are many ways to heal and the spiritual wisdom offered by her book is certainly one very important way to assist in the healing journey. I would highly recommend it especially if the reader believes in the healing power of spiritual wisdom. (Adrienne Carter, Jordan)

“Looking at the Holy Writings From a Completely Different Perspective”

Pallab Guha This book is one of the best books I have ever read. I started looking at Holy Writings from a completely different perspective ever since I read this book about an year ago. Thank you, Susan. God bless you! J (Pallab Guha, Kolkata, India)

“This has the Potential to Change the World!”

Congratulations, my dear friend. Your persistence has paid off, and now your effort will benefit all those who are recovering and can use the compilation. It will be a good teaching tool too. I bet it will become a Baha’i best-seller! I am so glad for you, and amazed to see that you were able to get the book published at a price that meets your goal to make it available to as many as possible. Your compilation has the potential to change the world by increasing the speed of abuse recognition and recovery; by collecting so many messages of healing together, you have done what could be a lifetime of search for those who need the principles they contain. I’m sure social workers counseling Baha’is would find it very useful to understand Baha’i teachings too. What a great gift to humanity! (Grace Guido)

“The Thread of Hope that Gets Me Through One More Step!”

Lying quietly in the darkness of nights with a one tonne concrete block heavy on my chest. Unable to breathe. That’s how it felt night after night – the shock of discovery of the extent of unspeakable sexual acts on a family member by my own father.

While unravelling the knots of despair and misunderstandings; clarifying the reality and understandings, months and years had passed.

I heard from a friend that Susan Gammage’s book said recovery was possible. This was the thread of hope to get me through one more step. Once I started to read it, the spiritual principles provided in manageable chunks, including quotations from the Baha’i writings, were awesome.

This book and other stories of ‘possibility’ and ‘success’ and ‘coming out the other end’ were my lifeline and ultimately tools for my own recovery and return to health. (Linda)

“I Wish I Could Give You a Long Loving Hug!”

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI am delighted to see your book is published and is being promoted in Baha’i book sales. I will be ordering my copy immediately. It must be a great joy for you to finally reach this stage of recognition within the Baha’i community. I wish I could give you a long loving hug. (Elizabeth Rochester)

“Exposes the Wounds and Presents the Healing Remedy!”

Susan Gammage, in her monumental work of search into the Baha’i writings and literature, has captured a broad range of human afflictions resulting from trauma and abuse of different kinds. As she exposes the wounds, she also presents the healing remedies from the ocean of teachings in the Revelation of Baha’u’llah. Therefore, this book is not a sermon on pain and sorrows; it is a celebration of life with courage to heal – and to heal with faith and dignity. It is an insightful compilation with precious pearls of wisdom from the ocean of Writings and Guidance from the Universal House of Justice; it broadens our vision of life and its destiny, while inspiring our mind and soul to grow greater empathy and care toward those who suffer in silence. (Abdu’l-Missagh Ghadirian, M.D.)

“Leaves You with Greater Understanding, Knowledge and Hope”

Barbara Melara Susan’s compilation on abuse has been a wonderful resource book for individuals who attend and for those planning sessions on abuse at our conferences. It is filled with information that connects hearts to the Writings on these very personal, very difficult subjects leaving one with greater understanding, knowledge and hope. The compilation is well organized and presented in a manner that makes it simple to find particular topics and as well conveys Susan’s desire to let her experiences towards understanding be helpful to others as it certainly has been. (Barbara Melara, Canada)

“A Great Resource for Those Involved in Counseling!”

It will be a great resource for those involved in counseling as well as a great reference for quotations that have a specific slant towards suffering and the healing process. . . The potential for this book is considerable both for believers undergoing severe tests and for those who provide counseling. It is extensive, sensitive, and provides so much hope and promise. (National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’is of Canada)

“The book can be purchased by an LSA and distributed lovingly on a one-to-one basis to whomsoever shows signs of understanding its contents”

Barry GreshamI’m a Baha’i living in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia & have just finished the reading (systematically over a couple of weeks) of your excellent compilation, Violence & Abuse. Your book “Violence and Abuse” is chock full of excerpts, different passages and extracts from many sources and has an appeal to people according to their respective needs/temperaments/hang-ups. It is essentially a supremely personal book which I think is priced correctly: but as a project, since humans tend not to be overly correctly communicable, as a project, perhaps the book can be purchased by, say, a semi-large LSA and distributed lovingly on a one-to-one basis to whomsoever shows signs of understanding its contents. And to whomsoever the book is given, just don’t leave it at that: the donor needs to follow up the gifted book by and with a series of meaningful cuppas so that the recipient will at last find someone to whom (s)he can confide. How else can it be done?

Generally speaking, it seems to me that the Baha’i Community is not as inviting to one “opening up” for assistance as will eventually be the case, but in fairness, the Cause is extremely young, in its infancy and is not yet geared to helping individuals, and at the now age of 85, I don’t expect to see meaningful and/or Institutionally assisted guidance for those who suffer (that is the correct wording) mental unrest and yet know that change is available and forthcoming.

Within the greater community are very many people who, for whatever reason, harbour and/or enact various “sins”, who would dearly love to better both themselves and their respective life-style associates, but just do not know how to go about it. Amongst these people are drunkards, addicts, improper behaviourists, sexual deviants and oh!-so-much- more, many of whom either are, or started out to be, rather decent people. Each respectively has the right, and probably the capability, of either improving themselves and/or helping others. But for the period of time that they have to deal uncomfortably with a group of goodie-two-shoes, they feel isolated, ostracized and in Australian slang, no-hopers. Yet there is an absolute wealth of potential available from these people.

It is quite possible and highly probable that sooner or later we, as a Baha’i Community, may well have to adopt several one-on-one relationships whereby to help these people: but how, not to mention when, this will be done I have no idea.

After all, each of these people was not born with such anomalies: they had to be “carefully taught” to become such.

Thank you so very much for a job well done. Congratulations on a job well done and thank you. Sincere best wishes in all you do. (Barry C. Gresham, Australia)

“The Quotes Speak Right to my Heart!”

Susan Gammage — You are shining with the light of the spiritual world. You are a guide to every fallen heart. You are the embodiment of transformation and spiritual bounties.

The quotes you’ve included in this book are unlike any I’ve ever seen and speak right to my heart. Yesterday when I was feeling blue I sat with your book and read some passages that spoke directly to some of the struggles I was encountering. Right now so much in my life “seems” like it is not going right but the quotes in your book, and the stories in your blog, continue to remind me that everything is exactly as it should be. This gives me great comfort and for this reason your book is a welcomed addition to my personal library. Your book is a gift for for those seeking to overcome difficult life challenges and I thank you for your efforts in bringing this book to fruition. (Rachel Perry)

“It Helped in Many Ways!”

You have done a wonderful job on that book. It must have taken you quite a while to find all of those quotations. You must know that religion very well. I’m so proud of you for compiling that book and I will bet that it helped you in many ways. (Cathie MacLean)

“You’ve Traveled a Great Distance Since Your Work Began!”

Jane Graves

I’m absolutely delighted that you’ve completed this work. And I can see, even from your blog, that you’ve traveled a great distance since your work began. I don’t really have appropriate words to express how much I honour your process, your courage, and your determination. (Jane Graves)

“You’ve given us all reasons for hope!”

Your book was a vital source of encouragement to me at a time when I was struggling to extricate myself from a hostile work environment that had triggered old abuse issues. The book gave me courage to leave that job and establish a thriving holistic clinical counselling practice. Now I recommend your book to my clients. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your heartening story and your prolific research. You’ve given us all reasons for hope. Love, Nancy A. Watters, MA, RCC

“Applying Them Conscientiously and Consistently is the Key to Success!”

Yakov PhillipsI eagerly explored your compilation, Violence and Abuse, Reasons and Remedies and I am deeply grateful to you for having worked so hard to put this valuable book together. I believe that everyone on this planet has experienced violence or abuse in one form or another, whether through direct personal experience or by being exposed to the collective conflicts that have plagued the earth for so long. We all need to understand the nature of the problems, the steps that can lead to recovery, and what we can do to break the cycle of violence. Fortunately the guidance in the Writings of our Faith and from our Institutions provide the tools we need for this. As with any other endeavor, applying them conscientiously and consistently is the key to success. (Yakov Phillips)

“Congratulations From a Baha’i Psychotherapist”

I have seen your book. Congratulations! I’m a Baha’i and psychotherapist in Toronto. (Hugh Smiley)

“I Loved It! Put Me on the “Interested” List for the Next One!”

If you are writing another book, please put me on your “interested” list!! I loved your first one! (Susan Ludwig)

“It’s Getting Widely Distributed Now!”

NiveditaI recently went to visit Padma in Sydney, and got a chance to see the Sydney Temple while I was there. I was pleasant surprised and happy to see that the temple bookstore had your book on display so soon, and got myself a copy — congratulations on your patience and perseverance to get it published — did you know that it’s geting widely distributed now ?? (Nivedita)

“Exactly What I Need, When it is Needed!”

I just picked up your book and opened directly to the theme of “Grief and Despair”. Your book has been like this for me for the past week and a half. I open it and it is exactly what I need, when it is needed. Today I almost made a foolish mistake — but, fortunately, I opened your book and the answer cautioned me with such direction so as to make me think that the book had eyes and ears. Amazing! (Elena Hazelton)

“We Will Feature Your Book on Our Website!”

Thanks, Susan, and congratulations. It looks like your labour of love is finally going to see the light of day. It’s been a long time coming, but your persistence has finally borne fruit. You’re wonderful. We’re in the process of revising our web site and will feature your book on it. Hopefully it will be up and running in the next month or so. (Larry Clarke, BNASAA)

“Thanks for Keeping the Cost of Your Book Down”
Lynn the Photographer

Thanks you so much for keeping the cost of your book down so people like me could buy lots of copies. (Lynn Wright)


In this book, you will learn that . . .

  1. You may feel worthless AND still have an awareness that you were created noble. God’s love for you remains unchanged, despite what you have done or what was done to you. God’s love can change your feelings of worthlessness into feelings of self-respect, confidence, courage and yes, even into forgiveness and acceptance.
  2. You may be in extreme pain as a result of your experiences AND you don’t have to stay trapped there. You can focus your attention away from the pain and towards acquiring virtues.
  3. The abuse was awful AND there’s a context to put it into.
  4. You can use a therapist AND when you don’t have the money or your appointment is another week away, you can use the Divine Physician who is always available to you–always.

Yes, I’m ready to turn my fear and despair into hope, happiness, love and gratitude.

Violence and Abuse: Reasons and Remedies can be ordered right here today. The price is $12.95. This is a fantastic price kept low intentionally so that no one will be prevented from purchasing it.

If you order today, you will also receive a bonus gift from Susan herself!

FOR INDIVIDUALS: A special copy of additional quotes hand-picked by Susan

FOR LOCAL SPIRITUAL ASSEMBLIES: An informative 75-page guide for Local Spiritual Assemblies on the topic of abuse and violence. Contact Susan with your proof of sale, and she’ll send these right back to you.

Today CAN Be the Day You Transform Shame, Fear, Anger and Despair into Love, Happiness, Hope and Gratitude!

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