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First Testimonial – December 22, 2006

Hi Mike,

For the past 15 years, I have suffered from post-traumatic stress, along with anxiety and depression as a result of severe and prolonged childhood sexual and ritual abuse. Over the years, I have been in and out of therapy and have attempted to deal with my issues in a variety of non-medicinal ways, with varying degrees of success.

About 4 months ago, I started into a downward spiral of anxiety and depression, and although I attempted to use the things I had always used in the past (homeopathy, acupuncture, prayer, meditation, talk therapy, SAD lamps, Bach flower remedies etc), this time, it wasn’t working. One night, feeling desperate, I “Googled” depression, wondering if there was something new out there, which I had not thought about before, and your website was the first to come up. Talk about an answer to a prayer!

I really liked what I read: your story, your research into the unconscious thought processes, attitudes and beliefs of highly successful people.

My religion (The Bahá’í Faith) teaches that “the reality of man is his thoughts”, so it was important to me that your program claimed to change the core beliefs that were limiting my ability to participate effectively in areas of life that had previously been blocked to me.

I liked the thought of altering the mental triggers that create emotions and control attitudes and actions. I really appreciated the focus on letting go of negative scripting, in order to be able to accept new thoughts, ideas, beliefs and attitudes, and then add empowering new beliefs, attitudes and emotional triggers.

Reading the information on your website felt intuitively right. I immediately ordered Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now, Freedom from Depression Now, Infinite Joy Now, and the Think Right Now for Windows. I also signed up for your free daily newsletter “Today is Your Day to Win”. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the ordering process was and especially with how quickly they came. I was desperate! When they came, I played them day and night. For the first time, I appreciated being woken up to use the bathroom several times in the middle of the night, because I could listen to several CD’s each night!

Because you mentioned that there could possibly be a temporary increase in symptoms, I tracked my progress day by day. The first day, I became quite anxious, angry and resentful and found myself rocking back and forth. Day 3 saw me eating too much sugar, to cope with the flooding of emotions. And after that it was clear sailing!

Day 4 saw me making phone calls I had been putting off for too long and preparing materials for a meeting at the last minute, with a minimum of panic or resentment.

By Day 11, I began to see possibilities of setting and achieving goals, which gave me back my hope and optimism; and I resumed an online course which I hadn’t taken for several years.

By Day 13, I realized I had no right to see myself as poor, and became more conscious of the calories in the food I was eating. I was talking to someone who was full of negativity, and didn’t spiral down into helplessness with her, which I would have done before.

On Day 14, I was assertive at a meeting: stating my needs clearly and with focus.

On Day 15, I spoke to someone with great eloquence about a subject I am passionate about, knowing that I had a right to my opinion, and making it known.

On Day 16, despite feeling anxious, sad, paranoid and guilty, I was able to clearly ask for what I needed and when the person was unable to give it me, I didn’t feel resentful, but looked for another way to solve the problem.

On Day 17, I was able to gracefully receive and be grateful for several significant opportunities and gifts which came my way.

On Day 20, I applied for a job which would have used my skills, talents and abilities, instead of minimum wage jobs, and although I didn’t get it, I accepted that with grace and a determination to try something else.

By Day 21, I was making better decisions on what to eat, was starting to lose weight and feel healthier and continued to move from strength to strength. Sure, I’ve had my share of mood swings, but didn’t get stuck in the negative emotions. They just seemed to wash away.

By Day 54, I applied for a 3 month contract in China, and two months later, I am signed up for a course to teach English as a Second Language, and plan to leave in another couple of months.

After 4 months of listening to the CD’s day and night, I am confident in writing to tell you that the changes in me are nothing short of miraculous. It is so wonderful to be reclaiming my life, and to have hope again. People have commented that they can see that the light is back in my eyes, and it is good to have external affirmation of the positive changes.

I also want to address the issue of your Risk Free Guarantee: for some reason, all 3 CD’s became garbled and stuck, possibly from overuse (?), as my CD player continued to play other CD’s without problem. I emailed my concerns, and the service person immediately shipped out replacement CD’s. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I was.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your excellent products and your helpful staff!

Susan Gammage
Ontario, Canada

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Second Testimonial – Jan 24, 2009

Hi Mike,

I ordered “Releasing Fear of Failure Now” a few months ago, and want to tell you my experience with it.

This was the 7th CD I’ve bought from your company.  I’ve always been impressed with the results I’ve achieved and when this one became available, it was really timely.  I was about to launch a life coaching business (without formal training); and a book I’d been trying to get published was about to come out.  There were some glitches along the way, which caused me to rethink whether or not I was on the right path.  I was excited about the new directions my life was taking (thanks in no small part to “Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now”; “Freedom from Depression Now” and “Financial Abundance Now”), but at the same time, I was in serious danger of abandoning both projects because of the negative messages telling me I wasn’t “good enough” to be a life coach and author.

When it arrived, I put it into my i-pod on repeat and listened to it all night long, night after night.  I put the affirmations into my “Think Right for Windows” software, so that the affirmations were also coming at me when I was working on my computer.

Slowly I started to remember that I love being busy, working on important, meaningful projects; that I enjoy being able to do things that no one else can do; that I’m grateful for all of the skills, talents and abilities which will make me a great life coach and that I have a responsibility to fulfill my divine purpose in life.

I came to believe that every challenge I face makes me stronger and wiser instead of letting it stop me.  When a negative thought came, I replaced it with the thought that I am a competent, trustworthy, reliable person.  I reminded myself of all my accomplishments instead of all of my failures.  Instead of focusing on the roadblocks, I identified one thing I could do each day to move me forward and before I went to bed, I made sure I’d done it.

I realize that no one knows every aspect of running their business and I am finding the courage to ask for help.  I have hired 2 business coaches to help me in areas in which I am weak, and their knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious.

In putting together the content for my website, I’ve come to see how good I look on paper!  I have many interests that demonstrate I keep my life fun, exciting and well-rounded, and this will make me a good life coach.  I’m coming to accept that I AM a leader and role model to other people by virtue of the difficulties I’ve experienced in life and the way I’ve overcome them.

In finding content for the blog postings on my website, I draw energy and inspiration from everyone and everything around me.  All of the insights and “good ideas” I come across are going into a file folder as content for a new book, which I see taking shape before my eyes!

Yesterday, I shared the marketing plan for my book with another new author, who told me it would take 6 people to accomplish all the goals I’d set for myself, and instead of agreeing with her, I realized that I love accomplishing things that other people think are impossible.  It’s OK that my dreams are big because my ability to achieve them is even bigger!  I accomplish a lot because I’m eager to do what needs to be done.  I have fun when I’m “on a roll” so by doing one thing every day, I am confident I will succeed!

At a time when the rest of the world is paralyzed by the economic downturn, I am excited by all the wonderful opportunities I have available to me

Even though complacency is easier, I would rather try something and fail than do nothing and let myself down.

I am happy to report that my life is quickly expanding in new and exciting directions and my growing confidence is pulling me in the direction of my dreams, thanks to “Releasing Fear of Failure Now”.  From now on, I refuse to ever be held back by fear.

Thank you, Mike, for all you’ve done to transform the world!

Susan Gammage

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