I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am Without Her!

RachelSusan has been my life coach for the past 4 years and I wouldn’t be where I am without her! First she coached me through improving my health, then she coached me through removing myself from a negative marriage and learning to improve my ability to parent well, then she coached me through work and personal relationship issues, now she is coaching me through the fruition of my ultimate dreams coming true as I succeed now in my business, in my personal relationships, with excellent health and total well-being. WE DID THIS!!! I love you Susan!!! (Rachel Perry, Canada)

Most Influential, Original, And Talented Coach I’ve Ever Worked With

KellyYes I would recommend Susan as a coach. I have found her to be fair and equitable. She is also able to identify different perspectives for an issue that is helpful in moving forward with issues. She is professional, thoughtful, unbiased, supportive, patient. She allows me to discover and deal with my own issues rather than giving me advice. We were able to cover a lot of ground in one phone call. I think that she is one of the most influential, original, and talented coaches that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is at the top of my list of coaches and in fact is the best Life Coach I have ever had. (Kelly Barr, Canada)

Supportive, helpful and quick to give feedback

Thank you for helping me through this course, I appreciate the support! I’m lucky to have a tutor who is so helpful and quick to give feedback on the assignments! (Stephanie Bourque, California)

Thank you for being available and making me feel so welcome

KatyaThank you for being available to help me with my educational process, and making me feel so welcome in the program. (Katya Rouzina, United States)

Lucky Are Those Who Get To Work with You

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou’re one of those people to whom others can relate because of your communication style, and lucky are those who get to work with you. (Ali Richmond, Canada)

10 month impasse broken

After 10 months of intense consultation between my wife and I regarding the development of a 5 year plan for our lives we had made no progress. In a teleconference with Susan Gammage that lasted a little over an hour, the impasse was broken and my wife and I were able to make significant progress. Thank-you Susan. (Kelly Barr, Canada)

A Life-Line through Some of the Most Difficult Days Of My Life

RachelI just want to thank you for all the support you have offered me with your email coaching over the years. This was a new process for me and at first I wondered if it would be worth it but I was curious and thought I would give it a try. Sincerely, I am so glad that I did. First of all I loved having the chance to write to someone who I knew would be receiving my email and who would genuinely care about the challenges I was encountering. It was like having a life-line through some of the most difficult days of my adult life. But more importantly, I cannot thank you enough for your loving and kind words that spoke right to my soul. I love how you would combine your own supportive encouragement alongside the Writings of the Baha’i Faith that would offer guidance and support. With your email coaching I came to realize that there is indeed a solution to every challenge, there is a Baha’i Writing or principal for every situation and there is always someone who cares – and it is you! (Rachel Perry, Canada)

Quick Response to My Cry For Help!

Thanks for your quick response to my cry for help! Your encouraging words really helped; I do appreciate them, and will take them to heart. Per your suggestion, I’m taking a deep breath and moving forward. (Eileen, United States)

I Loved Your Style And Enjoyed Our Calls

I will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants a life coach. My problem was that I am already pushing myself too hard and also that I have a big problem with “authority figures” telling me what to do. Somehow, you activated this. Silly, I know. This is one of the big things I learned about myself from knowing you! I love your style and enjoyed our calls. (Nena, Canada)

Took Me Close To God In The Darkest Days Of My Life!

I see your email as coming from Heaven. You are like an Angel trying to help me!

A pure soul, an angel I had the blessing of knowing . . . Thanks to Baha’u’llah. I wanted to thank you for taking me close to God in the darkest days of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bahiyyih, South America)

Baha’u’llah is Watching Over You

Susan … Moment after moment I come to a stronger realization that YOU are my best colleague and, furthermore, that Baha’u’llah is watching over us to make sure we scatter his LIGHT, especially in such a crucial time in human history when everyone is ready to hear about his message and raise to serve his cause and transcend our ailing world to a station that deserves our collective maturity, which has been reaped over thousands of years and multitude of divine Messengers. This is the time for all those prophecies to come into realization. It’s our duty to empower the world so they gain confident in achieving the purpose that we all being waiting for. (Payman, Canada)

Recommended Her for Humility and Courage

I will recommend you for humility, courage, love of Baha’u’llah’s Faith and all of the world’s people. (Sandy Gershuny, Canada)

Really Hit On Spots That Have Been Heavy Within Me

Yes, I’d recommend Susan because of her unique Baha’i perspective and getting a firm life direction. I’d like to say thank-you for being so warm and compassionate and knowledgeable all at the same time. I can’t tell you how much peace and light her emails give me. I feel like the veils lift away and that she is really hitting on spots that have been heavy within me. This is really helping so much. Everything that she has sent me has been of such an immense comfort and help and guidance, more than could be realised! (Mary, Australia)

Recently “Did a Susan” After a Session and the Client Was Impressed

I recently “did a Susan” after a session with a client, sending off all the links while they were fresh! The client was super impressed. Thanks for being a role model for me 🙂 (Erin, Australia)

A Lot of Thought Went Into Answering Each Email

First of all, I greatly appreciated Susan’s timely response to all my emails. Throughout my course, she responded to all my emails within 48 hours. However, even though Susan responded so quickly to all my inquiries, every response was detailed, thorough, and well thought-out. Susan obviously spent a lot of time in answering my emails and put a lot of thought into each one. As a result, what I liked most about Susan was the quality of her feedback. This was the first time that I took part in any online-related work and, to be honest, I was not expecting much from it. However, Susan proved me wrong. It was clear that she actually looked at my work and analyzed it carefully. In addition to providing me with feedback regarding my own work, she was kind enough to add plenty of additional material for me to look into. I am confident that I am better prepared to teach as a result of Susan’s analysis of my work and the additional material she has provided me with. (Justin, Mexico)

A Tour Guide for People’s Souls

I believe that you are being asked to be a tour guide for people’s souls to help them journey into inner space. The inner life of the soul is a place where most people do not wish to go, but you are qualified to be a tour guide because you have been on a great voyage yourself. This should really resonate with you. The problem people have is that they believe that the pursuit of materialism is the real goal and that doing their own soul work is like going to a distant planet. Tour guides help people experience the wonder and awe and adventure. This is your work obviously. The key for you is to remember how you have changed because how you have changed is how they will change. You are fortunate to have made so many positive changes and now you can take others through the same process. (Richard, Malaysia)

A Personality That Catches the Heart

Good looks catch the eye but a good personality catches the heart. You’re blessed with both!’ Thank-you for the incredibly nice email. (Terry, United States)

Like Super Polysporin on My Wounds

You are like Super Polysporin on my wounds, Girl! (Wanda, Canada)

Reverence to the Process of Healing Others

Wow! Before sleeping tonight I needed to acknowledge you for your reverence to the process of healing others. (Clare, New Zealand)

Patience is Truly Admirable

I just wanted to thank you again for the time you spent with me helping me with the computer. You really are a very good teacher. Your patience is truly admirable. (Kym, Canada)

Felt the Power of Prayers and Feel So Much Better

How wonderful this tablet is for me. Thank you for your loving kindness. I shall treasure it. I felt the power of prayers and feel so much better. (Mollie, World Citizen)

Holds People Accountable In A Gentle And Firm Way

Being a Baha’i means so much to me and having the respect and understanding of the Friends, especially those in the helping profession is very important to me. Being a coach means being an example and every day I do my best to be a good example. Being a coach also means holding people accountable in a gentle and firm way. Thank you for being a coach to me, Susan. (Ajamu, United States)

Draws Wisdom That Touches Our Hearts

Susan, You always draw wisdom that touches our hearts. (Elaine, Canada)

Resourceful, Approachable, Timely and Encouraging

The best thing about my tutor was I felt I could ask her anything. I sometimes needed clarification or I felt that she might not have understood where I was coming from regarding a lesson. She was clear in her responses and would coach me along as well as hear me out on my point. She also gave her opinion or advice when I asked for it. My tutor is very resourceful and I feel there are many interesting pieces of information that she provided to me along the way in this course. She was approachable, timely, encouraging, able to redirect in order to set you up for success the next go round. She was willing to answer questions with kindness and a great resource of information. I did want to say that I know it sounds funny, but it actually has benefited me to see how you comment on my work when I miss the mark. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to get 100% but I do appreciate your style of teaching/tutoring. This way I can see how you handle redirecting the student towards success. I think my positive experience as a first time online learner is partly due to my tutor. The class course exceeded my expectations because of my tutors approach and style. I wish I could meet you someday. You bless me so. (AnnMarie, United States)

A Candle in the Darkness and a Light When I Was Lost In The Dark

You’re a candle in the darkness, Susan. You were a light for me when I was lost in the dark 🙂 (Chris, New Zealand)

You Are a Gem!

Thanking you so much for the help and support you have provided already! You are a gem! (Helen, UK)

Provided Inspiration and Courage to Pursue A Bold New Path

Susan, I can’t begin to tell you how much your support means to me! I am starting to put together content for a new website for myself, and I am investigating women’s conferences where I hope to be hired as a motivational speaker. People like you give me the inspiration and the courage I need to pursue this bold new path for myself. Thank you. (Karen, Canada)

Made a Donation in Your Honor to the Bahá’í International Fund

I just made a donation in your honor to the Bahá’í International Fund 🙂 (Erin, Australia)

Opened My Eyes

I really enjoyed your coaching! You opened my eyes very much. Thank you for all the quotations and writings that you selected for me, they are great help when I read them I try to put it in action. (Faezeh, Canada)

Thank You for Taking the Time to Help Me Out

Susan you are so awesome, I’m looking at your email you sent me now and I just wanted to say thank you for really taking the time to help me out. I’m gonna check all these links you sent me, I just wanted to email you first and say thank you so much. (Jesse, World Citizen)

Wonderful Gift of Finding the Right Quotations

Thank you dear Susan. You have such a wonderful gift of finding the right quotations. They sure energized and comforted me. (Farideh, China)

Made Me Feel Unique

I cannot believe that you have 50 students and yet you make me feel unique and individual with your direct comments and remarks on my work. Thank you so much! (Paige, France)

Vast Amounts of Knowledge

Susan Gammage is an excellent tutor and I hope everyone’s tutor is as kind, courteous and punctual as she was. The best thing about her was her availability and vast amounts of knowledge. Her replies were always prompt, and the information made available by her was almost overly abundant if there is such a thing! I would most definitely recommend her. She performed above and beyond the call of duty. Very professional, knowledgeable and punctual with her email responses. (Ammar, Pakistan)

Never Had Such Comprehensive Feedback and Amazing References

The best thing about my tutor was her knowledge of the subject matter and her enthusiasm for teaching. She answered all my questions, understood my frustrations and guided me. Her explanations of assignments that I did incorrectly were thorough, precise and easy to understand. I have taken lots of online courses and I have never had the comprehensive feedback with amazing references and resources as Susan provided for me. At the risk of sounding like I am blowing smoke, which I am definitely not, you are bar none the best online teacher I have had. You have a gift, keep up the good work. (Blaise, Costa Rica)

Creative and Meaningful Ideas

Susan Gammage is an exceptional tutor. She helps me a lot throughout the course and has provided me great feedback and suggestions that made me reflect to my tasks and eventually improve my work. Her passion to help me is great. She made the course easier by providing me constructive criticisms and by providing me additional readings and links to websites to reach out for my needs. I see that Ms. Susan had perfectly done her job and even went beyond to help me. Ms. Susan is a valuable asset in any institution and I am happy I was able to connect with her. Absolutely yes, I would recommend her! Ms. Susan is an excellent tutor. With her knowledge and expertise, and her love and support, who would not want her as a tutor? I personally look up to her. She is very understanding and passionate in helping me finish the course. Continue to inspire us by sharing with your creative and meaningful ideas in life and in teaching. (Gringo, Philippines)

Gave Lots to Reflect On Every Time

The best thing about Susan was that she really took the time to read my assignments and gave me extensive feedback for each and every answer I gave. She gave lots to reflect on every time. Also the other best thing was that I knew I could email her with any of my doubts and question without ever feeling stupid to ask something I didn’t understand. I felt like I was going to succeed the whole time! Absolutely, I’d refer her to other students! She takes it seriously and you can feel safe with her as to whether or not you will succeed and I think that is key in doing an online course like that. You need to feel like you are being followed closely and that the tutor cares about your success and that he/she can personalize her feedback according to the kind of person/ teacher you are. I personally love to have had Susan as a tutor as she is not only a great tutor who cares and gives attention to you, but she is also a source of inspiration. From her own work, her wise words and her encouragements I was totally inspired and I always seek to surround myself or work with people like that, positive, that care about helping others. It does help and it’s a reminder of why I took this course in the first place. (Michele, Canada)

Even Though I’ve Never Seen Her, I Consider Her a Friend

Susan, my tutor, always shown her interest in me and my private life, which means that we created a relationship that goes over the normal relation Teacher-student. I found it “very human” and even if we’ve never seen each other, I consider her as a friend. Yes I will recommend this tutor to another student because Susan, she’s very competent in her job and she can give to her students all the support, the advices and the help they need. Thanks Susan to have given to my tasks the priority I needed because of my situation! (Alice, Vietnam)

Will Remember You Always As the Best

I render my sincere thanks to my guide Susan Gammage for guiding me The best thing about her was: (a) Time management – She was always conscious of time and maintained it to correct the assignments in time. In my case I say that she had sent me back the assignments in time along with suggestions and website links. (b) communication – She has good spirit of communication with students. Throughout the course she kept up the spirit to give information through the mails. The most interesting or useful piece of information I learned from her was the appreciation. Appreciation in the sense of respecting and loving the students. Good points and examples of the students, she takes it and present it to another students as the example of explanation of the lesson. This point I really like it very much. Yes, I would like to recommend Susan to another students too. Because she maintains the time and encourage the students through her feedback. At the same time she is always available for the students and she has enough perseverance to spare time to go through the assignments in details and sent it back in time to students. Because my guide Susan Gammage has pointed out very well my mistakes which I did while doing the assignments and also she has attached the additional materials to study in order to develop teaching skills. I am grateful to this course. The encouragement and the guidance what you rendered to me is great and I will remember you always as the best teacher in this TEFL/BET course. Once again thanks a lot for all that you done for me. You will be always in my memory and constantly I will be keeping touch with you. You will be always in my mind and heart. Once again thank you very much for your guidance. (Karamsing, Italy)

It’s not every day that one has a spiritual teacher

I could not have succeeded in this course without the outstanding assistance from Susan Gammage. It’s not every day that one has a spiritual teacher. I feel blessed. (Geoff, United States)

Guides Them to Striving For Higher Standards

The best thing about Susan was: Her encouraging attitude and her patience with me. She motivates people, and guides them to striving for higher standards always. I liked everything about my tutor, She was excellent! I wish she would have taught me some of the other subjects I learnt before in life. The most interesting or useful piece of information I learned from her was the way she approaches a student. I would definitely recommend Susan to any other student. She is a great asset to your company, and embodies what every teacher should have- patience, supporting capability, the ability to motivate, and most of all, the ability to break down what seems to be complex into something very simple, that you want to start teaching right away. I was running very close to my deadline with my course, and Susan was kind enough to give my assignments priority, and was always there to answer any question promptly. I am very happy with this teacher, and would like to point out her efficiency, and flexibility as commendable, and worthy of recommendation. I am so grateful that you gave my assignments priority! Thank you so much for everything, all the advice, and everything! I really do appreciate it ! (Ranjeeta, UK)

I Have Million Good Things to Say About Her

Susan understood every sentence or doubt I came across with instantly. She did not even need to ask once what I meant with what i emailed to her. Susan was also stimulating me with her warm and encouraging words. She is very punctual with task. Indeed, she gets back to students couple of hours after the student sent a task. If she knows she is not going to be available for the following couple of days, Susan emails the second after she got the student task telling so. I have million more good things to say about her. Other comments I’d like to make: She is so smart and fast at reading tasks and giving all the information she has got. She is not a selfish person when it comes to sharing information. I never thought that my tutor was someone I could have talk to as one to one until she sent me an email saying she was worry because she didnt hear back from me. I felt wonderful and I knew that someone on the other side was waiting for my tasks. I’ll definitely recommend Susan to other students since she does know very well what she is doing. Thank you Susan. (Jaqueline, Argentina)

Has Knowledge and Is Willing To Share

I am very satisfied with the course, Susan was always very professional and friendly in her feedback, I have learned a lot from her and from the course itself. I would definitely recommend Susan because of her experience and passion to teach and to guide trainees. It is always encouraging to know someone who has experience and is willing to share his/her knowledge. At the end of my course I felt excited but also kind of sad because I was not going to continue receiving feedback and knowledge form my tutor. Thanks for everything Susan! (Julio, Mexico)

What Means the Most to Me Was the Encouragement

I can’t thank you enough for the information sent to me! I couldn’t have asked for a more prompt, thorough and honestly helpful instructor. Would you recommend this tutor to another student? ABSOLUTELY. The wealth of knowledge alone is enough for a recommendation but what means the most to me was the encouragement I got along the way. This is a tough and extensive course. I respond to positive reinforcement more than anything else. Susan is a wonderful teacher and the encouragement always came at the right time. Thanks again and I look forward to keeping in touch even though I’m not a student of yours anymore. Don’t change a thing! (Kelly, China)

I Wish Susan Would Have Taught My College Professors How To Teach!

I want to thank you so much for being my tutor, I learned so much and you have given me quite a lot of resources that I can use when I teach abroad. This class was very enjoyable and I bet other students feel the same way. Definitely Yes! I would recommend her! Susan was very helpful and prompt with replying back. Also the comments might seem like a lot but there are a lot of things that is useful. Corrections were very supportive and also other ideas were given to help expand on what I could have done. I wish Susan would have taught my engineering college professors how to teach better! (they were so boring). Thank you. (Rudy, United States)

Focused On the Student’s Needs and Interests

What I appreciate the most about this course is how focused it is on the student’s needs and interests. I’ve read a lot of material that focuses merely on the academic side, “how to do things properly” so much so, that the fact that you are actually working with people is somehow forgotten or ignored. I really like that this course encourages teachers to study their students and go beyond what is expected, challenging teachers to enjoy what they do and make learning enjoyable for the students as well, challenging us to be creative and innovative! (Lisette, Mexico)

Appreciate the Depth of Your Comments

Susan did an amazing job with the feedback from the units. More often than not, I learned more from the feedback than from the lesson itself. I absolutely would recommend Susan to another student. She provided tons of feedback in a very positive manner. She also graded the tasks very quickly. I appreciate all she did to help me. Thank you so much for your guidance and the knowledge you shared. I would not have gotten nearly as much out of this course without your help. I also appreciate your time and the depth of your comments. They are very helpful. (Stacy, United States)

You Really Do Have a Gift

Susan was amazingly prompt and appropriate in her responses and comments, both her help and the materials were much more than I expected from this type of course. You really do have a gift for noticing what needs to be improved. Many thanks for all your help. I have been very impressed both by the course and your tutoring. Yes, I would recommend her to another student because she let me know that I was getting her personal attention and encouragement by both positive comments and suggestions on how I might have approach the task in a more effective manner. She spent considerable time with her evaluation of each task I sent and was amazingly prompt in her responses. I was very impressed at the outset by the amount of effort my tutor put into each part of her evaluation of my work. Since this was my first on-line course I found it very supportive and encouraging. I can’t think of any reason why she would not be of great encouragement to any student. (Clodagh, United States)

I wish she would have a $100,000 salary per month

I really enjoyed the studying with my tutor Susan. I’d like to say THANK YOU Susan very much for your help, support and many many good ideas!!! I would definitely recommend her because she was very operative in checking my tasks, her evaluation was gentle and explanations comforting and she was providing a lot of useful additional information! I wish there were many tutors like you Susan (I’m serious). It was a real pleasure to work with you. I wish she would have a $100,000 salary per month. J (Aleksandra, Russia)

Helping Us Learn From Our Mistakes

Yes, I would recommend this tutor because she’s dedicated to helping the students to learn, especially from their mistakes. She’s a great tutor who committed to helping students to get through this class smoothly. (Thanh-Truc, Vietnam)

Gave Advice When I Needed It

I have to say on my behalf, you supported me very well!!! You kept in contact and you gave advice when I needed it, also corrections to my assignments. I am going to take a little break, but I will keep in contact. All I can say is THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND WE WILL STAY IN TOUCH!!!!! (Robert, Germany)

Knowing About Her Background Reassured Me

The best thing about my tutor was: her prompt replies, the helpful websites, honest feedback, and openness about herself – I found that she made the course seem much more personal (really nice, considering it is an online course). Knowing about her accomplished background reassured me that her advice was worth listening to, and that she was invested in my progress! The time and feedback Susan contributed to my tasks were very valuable. I received some of the most helpful teaching tips and websites from her. I thought you’d be happy to hear that I already have a full time job at a language school in Chiang Mai, Thailand, starting tomorrow! I am also volunteering at a foundation for refugee Burmese women to prep them for their TOEFL exam. All less than one week from graduating from ITTO! Thanks for all your work Susan! (Nicolette, Thailand)

Great Confidence in What She Does

I met very kindhearted and sensitive person in my life. Susan gave me a lot of opportunities to study language and methods of teaching language from inside of her life experience. When I had teachers at university they were very good but i had never had before kindhearted communication with teachers what could help me to learn something from them. Susan gave me possibility to study language also from her own experience of being coach, read different articles in English and feel myself as I am native English speaker. I found it very helpful for feeling more confident also while teaching English and just talking English. So she involved me just direct into the native English speaking atmosphere. It depends on me of course how I did use it but main thing is that I had such opportunity and also still have. Susan is a person who can and should be a tutor for others because of her confidence in what she does, good leadership qualities as an English teacher and speaker (she leads people whom she teaches and gives possibility to increase self-evaluation with every good done step). Of course if something was done not correct by student (I mean me in this case)) she gave very clear explanation how it should be understood or done. Thank you very much for such a great opportunity to be a part of global community of teachers! I am just really happy to participate in this course!!!:) (Olga, Pakistan)

Over-Awed With All the Wonderful Suggestions

I can’t but think how over-awed I am, with all the wonderful suggestions and activities that you seem to continually come up with. I continue to be overwhelmed with all the exciting and wonderful ideas being suggested! I would have no hesitation in recommending Susan to another student. She was so professional with her encouraging and very quick feedback and her offer of any other assistance or advice. She also provided a huge amount of resources that I’II need to go back to, once I have more time. The other thing, I appreciated, were the caring suggestions given in the feedbacks that were made to improve my earlier weaknesses. Thanks Susan for all your effective tutoring along the way and helping me to recognize my weaknesses. And to help me think of ways to improve them with all the feedback and resources given by you. It ‘s a relief to get such a positive feedback which has given me so much more confidence. I thank you again for all your efforts which obviously has got me to where I should be, with planning lessons. And thanks again for your incredibly prompt replies and sound advice. (Kamil, Australia)

Never Met an Educator Like Susan

Susan Gammage is an Amazing teacher. She has guided and shown me so much to emerge my skills as a teacher. I have never met or known an educator like Susan. She is an outstanding tutor. I always looked forward to Susan’s comments and critiquing of my tasks. I learned so much from her pointing out my mistakes and showing how I could make it better. She gave me encouragement and directed me to achieve my best as a teacher. I have been teaching nearly 20 years and never have done a detailed lesson plan or been formally trained to do so. Now I am. I want to thank you personally for all your support and direction. I have learned so much from you. It is very important to have someone to guide you through any journey. I feel you have trained me in so many ways. You are an amazing tutor and woman, an inspiration to me. So much support, direction and motivation. You are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Once I have applied all I’ve learned in my teachings, I plan on taking another course. I will request you. Thanks so much and keep in touch. (Bridget, Saudi Arabia)

Busy But Always Put Forth a Lot of Feedback in My Emails

The best thing about my tutor was how detailed she was in my lessons’ feedback. Not only did Susan give me helpful critique, but she also inspired me with ideas with each assignment that helped me expand my comprehension of the lesson. After reading her review I always felt a huge wave of inspiration, and better understanding of how to work with such topics. I certainly would recommend her as a tutor. Susan actually cares about her students understanding, and will help her student to get to a decent level before letting them go on to the next unit. Also, I know she is very busy, but she always put forth a lot of feedback and was very good about getting back to my emails. This is always nice to have, and sets up trust. I am really glad that Susan was my TBE tutor. I was so nervous about this topic since I am not a business person at all. Susan helped me feel confident in teaching this topic. (Nora, Russia)

Shares with Others Without Expectation of Anything in Return

During my all course I never felt like I am doing something under anyone’s pressure and also the way how my tutor treats me is really appreciating. I want to say that she is very smart because she just not have a same level of standard scale by which she treats everyone, she treats every student individually and know the student’s behavior and will tackle the student according to one’s personality. I still remember I required a help about increasing my grade by .1% from my tutor and without any hesitation she would like to help me. At that time I was feeling like how understanding and helping my tutor is, after that what kind of situation I met I always share with her and she would like to sort that out. She is a very good tutor and especially she is a kind of a person who like to share with others without any return and she is very knowledgeable and as I had learned a lot from her, I am sure others will also learn a lot from her. I just want to say that I am really very lucky and thankful to my Tutor because of her efforts and really caring behavior towards me. I would like to be in touch with my tutor for my entire life. (Ahmed, China)

Made a Big Difference in My Life and Now I’m More Confident

I would like to say thank you very much for all your love, patience, and feedback on all of my tasks, throughout my journey of this course. I think that you have really made a big difference in my life as I am now more confident to go forth with all that I have learned . I would like you to know how much you mean to me because I took a stand and walked out of my job and I have proven to myself that my decision was the correct one. Susan made me want to communicate with her as I love learning new things and when I saw how wonderful my tutor was with all the interesting, articles and websites which I absolutely loved I could not resist, I had to communicate with her as she made me want to learn more and more. Now I can boldly and confidently say that I have learned more that I had expected. (Sharon, Trinidad)

Connected to Susan’s Positivity and Fed off Her Energy

The best thing about Susan was the enthusiasm and energy incorporated with her teaching. She was very helpful, and provided an abundance of resources that will help me now, and in the future. When it comes to being an educator, I could tell she is very passionate about teaching. She went out of her way to provide me with more than enough information for my future success. She made sure I understood the material and was readily available if I needed help. I really connected to Susan’s positivity. It was easy to in fact. I believe that is important in any learning environment. If my tutor didn’t care about what she was teaching, I wouldn’t care about what I was learning. I was able to feed off her energy. (Yosef, United States)

Gladly Paid a Little Extra

My tutor, Susan, was absolutely incredible. Her many years of experience were always showing through, always to my benefit. I would say I could not have done as well without her for sure! A big ‘thank you’ and the warmest special ‘thanks’ to my tutor Susan, she is the greatest. I don’t know how much you pay Susan, but I do know you should give her a raise. Really good help is always hard to find!! I still find it hard to believe you are so good at your job. I think you would be mine or anybody’s role model for being an English teacher. I was telling someone this morning how glad I am to have gone ahead and paid a little extra to have a personal tutor. I told them about how you really get in to it completely, lavish the helpful comments, draw on deep personal experience, boldly point out the goofs and otherwise straighten out what’s crooked, throw in extra information sources, etc etc, all done in a way that encourages. Well, you always tie me to the whipping post with all those corrections, but it hurts good! Thanks again for the corrective surgery on my work, don’t worry, I can take anything you can dish out without getting my feelings hurt! . . . Sorry about the crude image, was meant to be humorous…ooops, sorry. What I meant was ‘thanks’ for being so adept at steering me to be better with your many corrections. I can never thank you enough!! You keep up the good work! . . . (Steve, Thailand)

Maintained A Gracious, Understanding Attitude When Given a Hard Time

The most impressive thing about Susan was the voluminous references she has apparently compiled over the years to perform her mentoring tasks. Likewise, her critiques were comprehensive and well-articulated without being judgmental. She was quite helpful, highly motivated and phenomenally versed in educational motivation and background. Her tolerance of this crotchety old fart was the real hero here. LOL. While, at times, I saw her as an instrument of a limited paradigm, her background and reference abilities are phenomenal and her prompt replies to my needs throughout this course has been unwavering. I gave Susan a hard time. Yet (and notwithstanding her wearing her spiritual beliefs a bit too much on her shoulder) she maintained a gracious, understanding attitude throughout. As I said, her critiques were extensive, comprehensive and, for the most part, understandable. She did her best to encourage me, her student. So she obviously cares about their understanding and success in the course and not just try to please them through flattery. Although tempted, Susan failed to display even an ounce of combativeness or sarcasm toward me that is quite unusual. Perhaps more importantly, her knowledge, albeit accumulated over the years through her experience and compilation, was, to say the least, impressive. Finally, Susan was prompt in both her replies to questions and in grading and returning tasks. Yes, I would highly recommend Susan Gammage to other students. (Will, Mexico)

Very Lively and Encourages Improvement

I wanted to thank you for the time spent on sending feedback and examples throughout the course. I loved the course especially having you as a tutor. I would definitely recommend this tutor to anyone. She was always on top of things and her feedbacks were thoughtful and on time. She is very lively and encourages improvement throughout the lesson. I loved her as a tutor because she always has ideas on how to improve tasks. (Mindy, South Korea)

Takes Her Role Seriously and Exceeds Your Expectations

The best thing about my tutor was: Her care and concern for the development of the student. The extra time and effort she put in and the extra links and information she provided and the depth of her knowledge. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Susan, because she takes her role very seriously and exceeds your expectations. She is very compassionate and it shows in her dealings. You did a GREAT job in teaching and assisting me in my quest for teaching English as a foreign language. I’ve learned much from you and am grateful for having the opportunity to have you as my tutor. I am very excited to travel and experience this new phase of my life, and plan to stay in touch with you in this endeavor. (Tanweer, United States)

Very Intuitive and Reads Her Students Very Well

The best thing about my tutor was her understanding and patience with my work. She took the time to explain my mistakes in detail in an effort to prevent me from making the same mistakes again. She was very good in every way and went above and beyond at all times. I would wish for nothing different. The most interesting or useful piece of information I learned from her was . . . how we both agreed on many different issues. For example, she recognized that I am a compassionate instructor and that I put a great deal of thought in everything that I do. In that way, she understands what the student is going through. Thanks to Susan for being such a motivator and supporter. Many times, I felt as if she really did care about what she said and I took it to heart. I feel as if I am a better prepared professional for having taken this course. You are a great tutor and really appreciate your “personal attention” to my needs. I would highly recommend Susan to any student that is interested in this course. My main reason for that would be that she is a very intuitive person and seems to read her students very well. Especially through the reading of emails when personable contact is not readily available. The only comments that I would like to make is thank you Susan for being such a dedicated tutor. Just by reading your feedback after every assignment, I could surmise that you are dedicated to your students and will provide only your best advice to help the student succeed. That is the impression that I received from you consistently! Thank you again for all your help and guidance. (Thomas, United States)

Responses Kind and Challenging – a Tough Combination to Pull Off

I really appreciate how helpful you’ve been to me. Your responses were always so kind and challenging, which is a tough combination to pull off. It made me think more deeply about what I needed to do better so I could help my future students and gave me the resources to put substance behind the reflection. And, because of your kindness, I was able to do that without feeling defensive (which gets in the way of true reflection). I hope I remember that example when I’m teaching. Thank you so much. (Nancy, Haiti)

Now I am really motivated!

I am so happy about the feedback I got from you! I did not expect such an amazingly detailed feedback and all those great additional articles! At first I was a little worried because English is not my mother-tongue and I thought that will be a problem. But now I am really motivated! (Frances, Australia)

Went Way Above And Beyond to Provide the Most Helpful Resources

I found Susan to be the best tutor I could have asked for. I wish all students would have the privilege of getting tutored by someone who helps their students to learn as much as they can from this course, like Susan does. She gave me so much feedback. I feel that she went way above and beyond to provide me with the best feedback and the most helpful resources that she could give me. I felt that she really cared about how much I was learning and cared about my future career as an ESL teacher. She made it easy for me to learn from my mistakes and she encouraged me to want to improve in my weak areas. My nature is to strive for perfection, which I know can sometimes be a weakness. Susan helped me to view my mistakes on this course as an opportunity for growth and learning. Yes I would recommend Susan to any and every student. Susan’s helpful feedback, constructive criticism and overall encouragement really gave me to the motivation I needed to work hard at this course and to complete it. (Robin, United States)

Very Articulate and Down To Earth

As always, I welcome the constructive criticism provided by you. You are very articulate and down to earth. At no time did or do I ever feel like I can’t do it because the feedback you give me makes me feel like I can! I especially like how you highlight the positives of the work that I do. Thank you! (Thomas, United States)

Provides Appropriate Feedback with An Abundance Of Resources

The best thing about my tutor was: Her knowledge, ability to give accurate and timely advice/tips, and caring for a complete stranger. Susan obviously knows what she is doing, with an abundance of experience, and this both eased my mind and became trustful of her, as I was a bit hesitant about the program at first. I would DEFINITELY recommend Susan to any student or individual in need of guidance. She genuinely makes you feel at ease and that you are on the right track. She supports you, and provides the appropriate feedback, along with an abundance of sources to help you further yourself. (James, Philippines )

Patience and Passion

This was my first on-line course, but you made it unforgettable; thank you from the heart, I appreciate every bit of your tutoring and every compliment and word of encouragement toward me. Thank you for everything, your tutoring, care, patience and the passion for your job; all these together helped me to be a better teacher and to understand the value of a great tutor like you; thank you for everything indeed. (Altin, Poland)

Fascinating Background Has Gifted Her with a World of Insight

Susan Gammage has a fascinating background that has gifted her with literally a world of insight that I think any language-learner would be privileged to tap into. In addition to the quality of the information she supplies, she also exemplifies a level of kindness and helpfulness that makes digging deeper into her mind something you feel motivated to do. Once she had proven herself worthy of a high level of respect, I considered it a waste of money to not capitalize on her talent, experience, and insight, so I visited all the websites and read all the articles she suggested. (Micah, Taiwan)

Always Finds a Way To Make Me Look At My Responses In New Ways

I like the thorough suggestions you offer in your feedback. You always find a way to make me look at my responses in new ways and see what I’ve missed. (Arienne, South Korea)

Happy I Had Someone Who Honestly Cares

I felt like I would never see the end. I was feeling really down. I rushed through a couple of tasks and my tutor caught what I was doing. I am very happy I had someone who honestly cares about what I do with my schooling. She was so great! I picked myself up and finished knowing she was there to help or lend a hand in need. (Lindsay, United States)

One of the Best Decisions I Have Made

Susan, thank you soooo much for all of your help, this is one of the best decisions I have made. You are so warm, understanding and helpful. Yeah, understanding my nutty brain sometimes. LOLOL I will keep in touch and keep you posted on my teaching courses and assignments. This way we never have to say goodbye-hee! I know you are a wonderful tutor, but I guess the powers that be need to know why. Don’t they know how invaluable you are? You have your own fan club in me, I tell ya! You were put here to teach, inspire and to be loved! (Valeena, United States)

She Is the Reason I Kept On

Yes, I would recommend Susan to another student, because she is the reason I kept on with my TEFL. She motivated me and was not overly corrective, but helped me understand the concept and what I could do better. She also offered helpful advice throughout the entire course. I feel I will be a better English teacher because of having my tutor. She was very knowledgeable and also listened very well and answered my questions in a timely manner. She was also very quick to provide examples when I was unsure of what was expected of me. Thanks again for all your help. You have been so motivating and I’m not sure if I would have completed this without your encouraging words over the last 10 months. If you are by chance in Berlin between now and end of August or in China/Italy in the future please email me. I would love to meet for a coffee! Wish you the best!! (Blaine, Germany)

She Put In So Much Effort I Felt I Was Her Only Student

Susan was extremely supportive. She made me feel as though I could contact her for anything, ask her as many questions as I liked, and would always get back to super quickly, with loads of information. It was clear that she really thoroughly read each and every one of my assignments (even though I piled them up pretty quick towards the end), as she commented on every aspect (good and bad) and gave me loads of examples and links to further my understanding and knowledge. Susan was always lovely to talk to, made me feel as though I was making real progress, and really helped me to improve my performance throughout the course by praising my strengths, and providing me with heaps of assistance for my weaknesses. There is nothing more I would have asked of Susan. She was extremely helpful, and I didn’t just feel like one of many students with her- she put in so much effort that it felt as though I may have been her only student. It was clear that she paid attention to every aspect of my assignments, from the minutest detail to the overall product, and gave specific and helpful feedback. As such, there is nothing more I would wish of Susan! I would absolutely recommend Susan to another student. She was supportive and helpful; she personalized feedback so I felt as though she really cared about how I was going; she got back to me really really quickly with feedback as well, so I could progress through the course as fast as I wanted to; she gave me plenty of additional examples, articles and websites so that I never felt like I was stranded without enough information or stuck for ideas; she gave me feedback on both what I was good at as well as what needed work so I felt motivated (because it seemed as though I was making progress), but I could focus my attention properly on my weaker points; she was understanding when I didn’t have time to make steady progress through the course, but extremely supportive and welcoming when I had time to dedicate to it (as well as marking my work really quickly so that I could keep up the pace!); and she always made me feel as though I could contact her at any time, with any question. As such, I hope that every student gets a tutor like Susan, and that those who are lucky enough to have her as their tutor appreciate how amazing she is. I thought Susan was FANTASTIC. There is nothing more I could have asked for in a tutor. I have been at university for 7 years (through 2 bachelor degrees) and can honestly say that few of my tutors have been as dedicated to my education as Susan. I hope she gets the acknowledgement she deserves for being so motivating and thoughtful throughout my progress in this course. (Malory, Australia)

Emails Inspired and Gave Me the Energy Needed for the Daily Grind

You have no idea how much I appreciate you, and how much I owe you for all of your help and encouragement. You have validated that teachers are heroes, for you are one to me! A teacher I have never even seen or met, yet you have taught me more than any teacher I have ever had. When I am a teacher, I will motivate my students as you have motivated me, and I shall tell them about you and how much you helped me. Without you, I would not be able to walk this path. I truly appreciate your help and thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me and motivating me. When I checked my email and saw your comments, it really inspired me and gave me the energy I needed to get through the daily grind at work. Throughout my life, many things have been said to me. Positive and negative things alike. However, you are the first person who said: I bet students just love your classes, and the other teachers are jealous! All of my life, I have been accustomed to only using the future-tense when speaking about my dream of being a teacher. Saying: “My students would love me if I was a teacher” It has always been in a context of a distant dream, something that seemed out of reach and comparable to saying If I was rich…or if I was famous…. So, when I read your words, and saw how they were set in a present tense, it made that distant dream seem like a reality. I cannot even express how I felt when I read those words and the emotions that they conjured. Your words have soldified my goal to not give up! I truly appreciate and thank you for your kind words! All of your comments, suggestions, and compliments have kept me motivated, and have given me the strength to endure and persevere. If every student had the honor of having someone like you for their instructor, then a new generation of motivated minds would instill positive change in this world! Susan truly inspired and motivated me. In my opinion, she was beyond perfection. I have had many teachers throughout my life, and have studied many things. However, of all those instructors, she was the most engaging and the most motivating. Thanks to her, I now have confidence in myself and know that my dream can become a reality. Absolutely I would recommend her to another student! I myself would be more than honored to have this tutor again in the future! Thanks to my tutor who has, and forever will be, a magnificent inspiration! It was a great honor to be her student, and I shall recommend her to everyone I meet! Thank you so much! Again, I thank you! (Jason, United States)

Made Me Feel Like I Was Accomplishing Something Great

The most interesting or useful piece of information I learned from my tutor was that she herself did not know all the English tenses. It made me feel that I can do this type of job, and learn what I need to. That even really smart people can’t know it all. She taught me that the key is that you can learn what you need to know in order to be a good, well-rounded teacher, if you are missing something. You just have to be willing. Of course I would recommend Susan. She was helpful, quick to respond, and always made me feel like I was accomplishing something great, and on the right track. It made the process of doing this online course easier. She’s awesome! (Jacqueline, Canada)

Always Gave More Than I Expected

Susan was more than just a tutor, she was my mentor, and she made my experience the best. She was more than I expected, she was always there to help me, could it be weekdays or weekends, she always answered my e-mails asap, her ideas were very helpful and the number of websites with ideas and activities were great, excellent. Susan helped me in everything I needed, with the course and out of the course with my own job with the kids. The e-book she sent me was terrific! I just loved the chance to meet Susan (through the net) and she is a sweet person and very smart with a lot of information to share. The best thing about her was that she always gave me more than I expected. With all the tasks, she suggested a lot of websites to search, gave me many extra readings about the subject, extra ideas, and it was exactly what I needed. She is a great tutor and I’m sure all her students are very pleased to have her as their guide. She was perfect for me. I think that the help she gave me made the course perfect for what I needed and I was looking for for sooooo long. Thank you so much for everything. (Carolina, Brazil)

Gentle Guidance and Wonderful Direction

I am really impressed by your gentle guidance and wonderful direction. I love the examples you gave me on how to improve. The material provided was rich. (AnnMarie, United States)

Obvious Joy in Teaching

The best thing about my tutor was that it was Susan Gammage J Susan was extremely quick with the assessment and correction of my assignments. Her feedback was always very helpful and precise which never left me wondering what I could have done better or how to avoid certain mistakes in future. Her expertise in the English language, her obvious joy teaching and her positive view of me as a student made this course a real pleasure for me. The most useful piece of information she gave me was actually more an insight. I have not been a student myself for many years and from my own experience in the past and now again in this course it was an affirmation to see myself “studying for my teacher”, because she brought out the “best in me”. This is something I would also like to practice as a teacher myself, and Susan was a great role model. Thank you Susan for your support! I hope you can tutor me on my next course! (Erika, Germany)

Thanks for That Special Touch And Extra Care!

My wife is also taking this course and her tutor is nothing like you, thanks for that special touch and extra care! Thank you for taking the time. You are slick with the computer! I like that. Computer savvy. Its been a wonderful and amazing experience taking this course and having you as a tutor! I’m not trying to be a teacher’s pet, really … just all the thoughts that ran through my mind. I must give recognition. (Tanweer, United States)

Happily Surprised At All the Care You Took

I thank YOU Susan. I think I really enjoyed the course because of you! Before I started, I did not really know what to expect and I was happily surprised about all of the care you took to evaluate my work. (Erika, Japan)

Encouraged Me to Press On Even When Overwhelmed and Discouraged

First off, thanks for all the kind words, good advice, resources and job leads. With what you have sent me, I think it will take about 6 months just to read it all! I think Susan is tremendously talented at what she does. She demonstrates a deep level of experience and a broad array of resources from which to draw and is very helpful in giving advice and sharing new ideas. I would also like to say thanks for continuing to encourage me to press on. There were a couple of points where I felt like this was just not working for me. Part of that is the personal distractions I am dealing with and part of it was just my lack of confidence. I am grateful that I was assigned Susan as my tutor due to her patience, knowledge and tactful ability to encourage me to press on even when I was feeling a little overwhelmed and discouraged. I am so pleased to have her as my teacher. Her knowledge and resources are indispensable. A lot of reading to do with the many links you sent. I enjoy all the information you send along….doing your job with exceptional attention to detail! (Kevin, United States)

Susan “Listens” And Understands

Although Susan is a tutor, she is likely a partner of student. Susan “listens” and understands difficulties which learner is facing to help them find the way to step over the troubles. Susan is really a friend in learning of learners, encourages them in confidence themselves to get successfully of course. Yes, certainly do I recommend Susan to others. As explained, she is a real friend of learner to reach the goal of course. (Nguyen, VietNam)

I Often Thought: She Is Doing Exactly What She Should Be Doing

I think the best thing about Susan is how highly effective she is as a tutor and her thorough knowledge and expertise on TEFL in general and on the course itself. I was very impressed and very grateful for this. I often thought, this woman is doing exactly what she should be doing. When giving me feedback on my tasks she was very helpful in a way that I always learned from it and understood either what I did incorrectly or she offered me many ideas on what other students did that were really good and reference resources. I ALWAYS LEARNED FROM HER FEEDBACK. Also, I feel Susan is an excellent communicator, which is not that easy to do in writing. I say this because I always understood what she was saying and it was never unclear or confusing. I think this is a crucial ability to have as an online tutor! Yes, without hesitation and with great enthusiasm would I refer her as a tutor! For all the reasons I stated above. In addition, if you are serious about this course and learning from it, she will help you accomplish this every step of the way and she is a pleasure to have as a tutor. She makes you feel very comfortable and is always there to assist in any way she can. Susan and this course exceeded my expectations and I am so happy and grateful! (Debra, Thailand)

Knew When I Needed Information vs. Reassurance And A Push

I think the best thing about Susan was her timeliness in returning corrected assignments and answering emails. I also greatly appreciated her very detailed analysis and critique of my assignments. I always felt I was gaining information 10-fold from what I had learned on my own in effort to perfect my work. I have been raving about this program and Susan to everyone I know, especially my fellow English language assistants in the South of France who are looking to complete TEFL. I could not have asked for anything more in a tutor. She knew when I needed specific information and help, versus when I simply needed reassurance and a push to keep moving forward. I feel that I have a warehouse of useful and interesting information from her, and it took me many hours at times to work through all of it. I already have recommended this tutor to another student (many other students). I feel she was exactly what I needed to complete this course and I feel that I can count on her to remain a reliable resource and reference for my future teaching career. Not too many people have such qualities. Thank you Susan for all your hard work and patience with me and my million-and-one questions. As I am beginning a new school year with more challenging kids, I find my self confidence waning but just reading over my notes and your comments helps me to find the strength to get creative ideas flowing once again. Thank you. (Vanessa, France)

I Really Respect Her Level of Expertise

Susan was invaluable, extremely helpful, gave me an incredible amount of resources and tips, was supportive and really enjoyable to have as a tutor! Her words were very encouraging to me as I return to teaching after being away from it for a many years. I can’t say enough good things about her and I really respect her level of expertise. (Debra, Thailand)

She Does Everything Possible (Short Of House Calls)

I really think you do everything possible for your students short of doing house calls… but since we do not have beaming technology as of yet..well…no am quite serious about it..I think you’re a wonderful tutor. (Ingrid, Germany)

Pleasantly Surprised With the High Standard and Personal Touch

I like your goal of going beyond my expectations – you have already done that! I didn’t know what to expect in taking this course but so far I have been pleasantly surprised with the high standard and personal touch I am experiencing from what I have done so far. I only recently made the decision to switch careers and try English teaching as it’s a great way to meet people and get to know the people in a deeper way, so taking the course so far has given me the vision and the faith that I can do it. Well, I guess we will see, lots more to learn, right? (James, China)

Criticism Might Be Difficult To Hear, but Helpful and Respectful

It can be very difficult to stay motivated in an internet course, but I was always excited to do my task and see how I had done on it. Susan’s quick and helpful feedback was always a pleasure. Even when it might be difficult to hear you need improvement, it’s so helpful and she always did it in a very respectful way that not only did I learn from her elements of teaching as my tutor, but I was able to learn from her examples. I would absolutely recommend Susan to another student. She is very straightforward with her critiques so that you can actually learn from your mistakes, but she does it in such a way that you don’t feel bad or dumb about making the mistake, and this is both very helpful, as well as encouraging, and it kept me motivated throughout the class. (Maggie, United States)

Gained My Respect as an Educator and One Who Sincerely Cares

I was surprised and pleased with Susan’s quick responses to any questions I emailed to her and also, the Tasks I sent. Susan’s feedback and constructive evaluation of my assignments were always educational and I feel that I learned very much from her comments, corrections and evaluation. She was very kind, encouraging and succinct in her evaluation of my work. She gained my respect as an educator and one who sincerely cares about her students as individuals from the beginning of this course and I feel privileged to have had access to her tutelage. My experience with Susan was such a positive one that I would without hesitation highly recommend her to any student! (Sharon, United States)

Your Criticism Covered New Ground and You Practice What You Preach

I was impressed because your criticism covered new ground. I even mentioned it to Celeste. When I got to the part that tells about bringing up new material when critiquing I realized you practice what you preach. (George, United States)

Dedicates Her Time and Energy

I remember contributing to the debate on a good teacher and a bad teacher. There I wrote that a good teacher is the one who guides, tries to find out the difficulties of his students, who dedicates her time and energy, who is always willing to attend to her students’ academic problems. She is the one who adds humour in her teaching and selfless in her knowledge. All these and more Susan has and I am jealous about that. (Christopher, Nigeria)

Explains, Demonstrates and Inspires

The best thing about my tutor was that she does not tell but rather explains, demonstrates and inspires me to be a great teacher. Her motivational skills and methodologies towards teaching ESL has given me an inspiration to extraordinarily love teaching as a profession for life. (Bockarie, United States)

One of the Best in the Field!

There was not simply one thing, but many that make her one of the best in the field! Indeed, Susan Gammage embodies the virtues of excellence, dedication, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, open-mindedness, creative and critical thinking, and a sincere and heartfelt desire coupled with an outstanding ability to serve the unique needs of her students. What a joy this experience was, thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Dr. Benjamin, China)

Filled Me with So Much Energy I Feel I Can Take Down Mountains!

Thank you, Susan, great feedback! You have given me not only additional resources to use and study, but also taught me a great lesson on how to improve my feedback in daily work with my students. You just fill me with so much positive energy every time I read your e-mails or notes, I feel I can take down mountains! As the French say, “CHAPEAU!” God bless you, Susan! (Roxana, Canada)

Embarked On This Journey Because Of Its Rigorousness and No Regrets!

Susan, my tutor, is an inspiration. Not only did I get quick responses and more than relevant advice and suggestions from her but she served as a role model for me, how teachers ought to respond to their students. A dear pal called me a habitual late-comer, stemming from the fact that I am always late. This has not changed over a period, but, honestly, getting quick responses to my work, and questions, assignments, made me realize that as part of being an effective and efficient teacher, one has to be mindful of time. Honestly, if there ever was a perfect teacher, it would be Susan. She encouraged me all the way through, every step of the way. I only hope she would have this level of enthusiasm for all her students, for it did spur me on all the way. On a more selfish note, I wish I was still on the course, getting feedback from her from time to time. The thing about Susan is that with every task, every feedback thereof, you got the impression that she enjoyed her work. And I picked a great deal from this. Teachers ought not be smart but be enthusiastic also about their work. It seems to me she picked her work and did pour out her heart to me. I would like to be like her, picking my choice of work and succeeding thereof. I highly recommend Susan to other students, not just because she was mine, but because she more than made me love being in the classroom. I would mention her to my students from time to time, when I was talking about the need to have mentors or coaches in life. In my career skills class, I advise students to have a personal coach. My example was Susan, who guided me in my steps towards being a strong influence in class. I decided to embark on this journey with ITTO because I heard of its rigorousness – I didn’t regret it! It took me a while to finish because of certain later commitments but I would like to say if you have more like Susan, yours is a fortress for students. Thank you so much for this great experience. (Dela, Ghana)

Such a Blessing to My Life

This has been one of the most interesting experiencing moments in my life. Not only have I gained a lot, matured somewhat, but taken inspiration from this. I told one of my students today (when she caught me reading comments of my final project in class) that you have been such a blessing to my life, giving me impetus to pursue an online degree. Had I not enjoyed my first few weeks with you so much, I wouldn’t have considered it ever to attempt an MBA. Please, take heart – you have tutored me well. May God richly bless you. (Dela, Ghana)

Made Me Feel That With A Little More Effort I Would Really Soar

I would highly recommend this tutor to any student. She had a very delicate touch in providing feedback. As someone in education for 30 years, I might have responded to some criticism with frustration, the old ‘”I knew that . . .” syndrome. Instead, Susan made me feel as if I was just not stretching enough, and with a little more effort I would really soar. I definitely see her style as a role model for future. (Cindy, United States)

Always Says Something Positive to Keep Me Motivated

I like your feedback a lot because you always give examples and follow-up reading that I can learn further from. You always say something positive to keep me motivated. (Samana, Netherlands)

Really Wants Her Students to Reach Their Goals

I would definitely recommend her to others! Susan really wants her students to reach their goals, she can inspire her students. Additionally, she is a well traveled person, and she knows about all challenges of learning and of teaching a foreign language. Susan is a great tutor; she is aware of classroom situations, and she knows exactly what today’s teachers are facing. (Ann Behrens, Germany)

What I got was very detailed and personalized

I was pleasantly surprised by Susan’s feedback, extra information and encouragement. I was expecting more of a generic feedback but what I got was very detailed and personalized. I really appreciate it! I also really appreciated the speed with which she reviewed and graded my assignments. Even during the holiday season she was so fast! She really went above and beyond the call of duty! (Leanne, Guadeloupe )

In 8 Years Of Study NOTHING Has Compared To This

I am in awe of this feed back in 8 years of study NOTHING has compared to this. I wish we were in a classroom. YOU are great, Susan! The sharing of websites is priceless and giving; you are a very generous person. (Amber, United States)

I really appreciate all of the effort in getting me on the right track

I think you are a great tutor. I really appreciate all of the effort in getting me on the right track to thinking like a teacher! (Crystal, Iraq)

Not Just Doing a Job, But Showed Interest in My Situation and Problems

She was always there, really competent and quick in answering my questions, gave complex feedback with good to follow explanations. I would definitely recommend Susan because I felt that her support was far more than I expected from an online course. She is not just doing a job, but was showing interest in my situation and problems. (Alexandra, Germany)

Appreciate Your Kind and Amiable Attitude Even After Seeing My Blunders

Bundles of thanks for all those efforts that you made to enhance my learning level. You helped to boost up my confidence on every step of this course and gave me so many new ideas and creative aspects to shine my teaching style. All your teaching tips and informative turns during this course are my life time achievements. I appreciate your kind and amiable attitude even after seeing blunders in my assignments. I shall try to remain in contact with you forever. (Shafqat, Saudi Arabia)

You Are an Encyclopedia

I wish to tell you that you are simply an encyclopedia of English and its teaching technique. (Chris, Nigeria)

Tough Was What I Expected and I Haven’t Been Disappointed

I really do enjoy your attention to my work, suggestions and all. I was thinking, “How can I say it well so that she doesn’t think I am merely saying things for saying sake?” Most times I know of some of the websites already, and feel so proud when you suggest them too, because to me it shows I’ve been on the right track. Then there are the many new fascinating ones I find almost too good to be true, that I even missed out on them. So, in sum, your tutoring is overwhelmingly more than I expected it would be. Tough was what I expected, because it meant I would go through a good training. And in that regards, I haven’t been disappointed. It is tough, challenging most times. But after reading your comments I am always relaxed, knowing that “experience is always the best teacher!” You are awesome! So, getting ideas here and there from you is such a rich encounter for me. Wish you a nice day, and please be rest assured I am having a wonderful time being your student! (Dela, Ghana)

Guiding You Every Step Of The Way Even Though Not Physically With You

I would recommend Susan because I believe she is a great tutor. She is very warm and friendly – you can feel it by just reading her emails; she gives quick feedback when I send my tasks and her insights are very helpful. She makes you feel like she is guiding you every step of the way even though she is not physically with you. (Jeni, United States)

She Has a Great Sense of Humor

Susan is very knowledgeable and she responds promptly to my lessons and questions. She has a great sense of humor, she is a mentor. Susan is very professional and Susan is 2nd to none. I don’t have any suggestions for improving the quality of her work: She did everything right! Yes, I would recommend her to another student. Why? I felt the material was GREAT. I also feel that, her own personal experience, her guidance, her interaction, made this course better. Susan gave me 110% of her time and effort, and I’m happy to say that I feel confident going into a classroom because of her. (Anthony, Germany)

Using A Lot That I’ve Learned

Just a short note to thank you for being such an encourager! I appreciate your comments and advice that you include with the various assignments. And the references are so informative, too! I might be helping a lady from Latvia with EFL, soon–she lives with her daughter in Billings for 6 months each year and wants to learn English! I think I’ll be able to handle that! I know I’ll be using a lot that I’ve learned through this course. Thanks for your help. (Sharon Overcast, Montana)

There was always a new idea or direction

I can’t imagine a better and more supportive entrance to a teaching career. Studying was a lot of fun and the feedback was always, even if there were things to improve, very encouraging. If you want to become a teacher the most wonderful thing is to have a tutor as Susan who shows during the entire course a great love and passion for teaching and a deep and warm interest in the students and in humankind in general. Apart from a well-structured feedback I enjoyed most the honest support and generosity with which my very own interests and topics were met. There was always a new idea or direction Susan would contribute to a suggestion, which made the lessons more colourful and gave an insight of the amount of opportunities you have in the lesson planning and as a teacher in general. I’m overwhelmed by the wonderful abundance and variety of useful material she provided! There’s great information included! Her personal remarks were more than encouraging and inspiring! The wonderful diversity and richness of her feedback exceeded all expectations. I feel very privileged and enriched to have had Susan as a tutor and will always remember her patience, encouragement and dedication while teaching myself. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (Tatjana, Germany)

They both Lit Up And Said At the Same Time …”I Love Susan Gammage!”

At the conference yesterday, I was sitting at a table and two women about my age joined me. It turns out that one is a Healing Touch practitioner and the other a woman in banking who wants to start her own business. Anyway we got to talking about life coaching and the value of it. One woman was skeptical that people would pay for coaching. I said I disagreed and began to share the story of our coaching experience. One interrupted me and said, “What’s her name?” I said, “Susan Gammage” and they both lit up and said at the same time in unison…”I Love Susan Gammage!”….. So….Susan,….I am beginning to feel like I am friends with a renowned author…and her name is Susan Gammage…I think you may know her too? Does the name sound familiar? Much love to you and confirmations that your service is valuable, loved, appreciated, noble, and perfectly designed for you. (And never mind what Google says — you are loved by all ages!) (Rachel Perry, Canada)

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