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“Here are some products that I use and love.”

– Susan Gammage

 Top Picks:

 Think Right Now

Have you ever read this quote, and wondered how to apply it to your life?When a thought of war comes, oppose it by a stronger thought of peace. A thought of hatred must be destroyed by a more powerful thought of love. (Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks, p. 29)

Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs make positive thought and behavior modification virtually automatic. For my personal story, click here.

Vita Mix

Have you ever wondered how to integrate more fruits and grains into your diet, easily? Vita Mix does this for me. The Vita-Mix 5200 makes whole food juice, cooks steaming hot soup from scratch, and even makes healthy, homemade ice cream! Everything is done in just MINUTES with NO ATTACHMENTS! This amazing machine performs over 50 different culinary jobs with ease—and can easily replace 10 kitchen appliances. I’ve had mine for over 10 years and consider it to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made!


If You Suffer from Gum Disease, Gingivitis, Bleeding Gums or Bad Breath, then here is an All Natural Product for you. I love essential oils, and being able to use this instead of toothpaste has been a good investment in oral health.

 Baha’i Recommendations:

 Radio Nur

This is my favorite internet based, Bahá’í radio station. I listen to music with Bahá’í themes all the time (and people are so impressed to know we have our own Bahá’í Radio Station!)

Special Ideas

If I had unlimited funds, I’d order everything they have in stock! This is the BEST place, bar none, for proclamation and teaching material on the web.

Virtues Project

Before I took the facilitator’s training course, I had no idea how to use virtues based language. This program was so positive and uplifting, I literally begged my way into the training!

BNASAA (Bahá’í Network on AIDS, Sexuality, Addictions and Abuse)

For 20 years, BNASAA has provided a safe environment for Bahá’ís to experience healing and growth on personally sensitive issues where concerns can be shared, and viewed in light of the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh and the Covenant.

Book Recommendations:

Why Me? by Justice St. Rain

If you’ve ever asked yourself why bad things happen to good people, this is the book for you!

Falling into Grace by Justice St. Rain

The first time I read this book, I read it 4 times in a row, because it was so encouraging and uplifting, I couldn’t bear to come to the end, so I kept starting over and reading it again and again. It’s one of my all time favorites!

It’s not your Fault: How Healing Relationships Change Your Brain & Can Help You Overcome a Painful Past by Pat Romano McGraw

Pat is my all time favorite Bahá’í therapist, so when she published this book, I was one of the first people to buy it!

Healing the Wounded Soul, by Phyllis Peterson

Phyllis was the first Bahá’í author to publish self-help books for abuse survivors and her book has helped many people! Let her help you too!

 Fire and Gold: Benefitting from Life’s Tests by Brian Kerzius

This was one of the first compilations on tests and difficulties – an epic book, thoroughly researched with lots of previously unavailable quotes from Star of the West

Divine Therapy by Annamarie Honnold

This was the first book I read on using the Divine Physician to heal mental wounds, and still one of my favorites!

Created Rich: How Spiritual Attitudes and Material Means Work Together to Achieve Prosperity by Patrick Barker

This is the first book I’ve ever seen to show how the practical application of spiritual principles (making sacrificial donations to the Bahá’í Fund and paying the Right of God), combined with material world wealth building principles work together to achieve prosperity.

Attracting Perfect Customers by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez

You won’t find this in a Bahá’í bookstore, but one of the authors is a Bahá’í (I found out because she names the Universal House of Justice in her acknowledgements section, and I wrote to her and asked!). This is one of my all-time favorite business books and if I made a nickel for everyone I ever suggested it to, I’d be rich!

Health Recommendations:

Bach Flower Remedies

Recent research into the links between emotions and the immune system supports and reinforces the view that emotional balance and well being directly affects and influences our physical health. More and more medical experts now agree that a healthy mind really does ensure a healthy body.

Body Talk

BodyTalk is a holistic approach to healing, based on proven principles of energy medicine. I’ve used it to make huge break-throughs in areas where I had previously been stuck.

Essential Oils

My first line of defense for all physical and mental health issues is to look for an essential oil to bring balance to all systems of the body. Young Living is my favorite source for oils.


If you want to be informed, empowered, and get the information you need to live well with your thyroid condition, this website is maintained by a patient-advocate, and contains lots of information you won’t find elsewhere.

Steam Distiller

I’ve used a steam distiller for my water for over 10 years, and drink much more water because it tastes so good, as well as being good for you. I like this company for 2 reasons: they include a glass jug (instead of plastic); and they won’t be undersold.

SAD Lamp

Many people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder use a full spectrum light box (and so do I), but sometimes I don’t have the 30 minutes it takes to sit in front of it. I was happy to discover this full spectrum light bulb (I use the 55 watt), which screws into a regular light socket and gives me full spectrum light all day long. Everyone who comes into my house comments on the peaceful atmosphere, and I really believe this light is a big part of the equation!

Self-Improvement Recommendations:

Personal Growth from is the most complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the Internet.

Outward Bound

It’s an adventure in the classic sense of the word. It’s about dealing with the unknown. It’s about meeting challenges. And it’s about learning. Learning about yourself, about others, about the environment, and most of all, about your potential. I did the Women of Courage program

I’d Say “Yes” God, If I Knew what you Wanted, by Nancy Reeves

I’ve never read it, but I love the title! It expresses so poignantly what I often feel!

Marriage Recommendations:

Marriage Can be Forever, by Susanne Alexander and Johanna Merritt Wu

If you’re looking for a workbook for walking a path to a spiritually based marriage, I recommend this one. I will use it when Mr. Right comes along, and when my son comes to me for consent, I’ll ask he and his fiancée to work through the exercises in this book before considering it.

Marriage Transformation Project

And their new site: Baha’i Marriage

4 Freedoms Sacred Relationship

Featuring workshops, books, ebooks, and other products focusing on Tantric and Taoist sexuality, the Kama Sutra, and how to create loving, conscious relationships that last.

This company changed my life. Read the story here.

Wealth Building Recommendations:

The One Minute Millionaire The Enlightened Way to Wealth by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen

This was my first exposure to the concept of multiple streams of income and it was presented in a unique format: on the right hand pages was the non-fiction part of the book and on the left side was a fictionalized story of a woman applying the principles. The more I work with the authors, the more I like their integrity.

Multiple Streams of Coaching Income by Andrea Lea

More on the theme of multiple streams of income, geared specifically to life coaches. Readable, practical.

Role Model Recommendations:

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words

My hero and role model for her total reliance on God, and detachment from the material world! Some day I hope to have that kind of courage!

Charitable Recommendations:

BALANCE for blind adults

I started this company over 20 years ago, and it’s maintained its client-driven, consultative focus and it’s still an organization I am proud to support. I encourage you to take a look!

Website Recommendations:


Want help for your small businesses to automate email follow up and newsletter delivery for website visitors? This company makes life easy!

Product Launch Formula

Most of what I learned to launch this site, I learned from this program. It had an incredible wealth of information and was worth every penny and more.

Self-Help Private Label Rights Content

If you like many of the blog postings on my site and are looking for good quality rights-free articles, inspirational desktop wallpapers, positive affirmations, and special reports to use on your website or blog, to generate traffic, sell as stand-alone products, or to giveaway as bonus materials then this is the company for you.

ESL Recommendations:

Online certificate programs:

Global TESOL (the program I took)

International Teacher Trainer’s Organization (the program I work for)

 My Cats Recommend:

Holistic Blend

I love this dry cat food for what it DOESN’T have in it, as much as for what it DOES have!

Worlds Best Cat Litter

This is my favorite kitty litter: natural (made of corn), clumpable, biodegradable, septic safe, flushable, yellow (my favorite color), sweet smelling, low tracking, no dust, traps odor . . . it truly lives up to its name!

Swheatscoop Kitty Litter

Although my cats will use the World’s Best, if the two are side by side (as they have been sometimes when I go away for a couple of days), they will use this brand before switching over to the other litter pan. I like it because it’s flushable and natural (made of wheat), and somewhat cheaper than World’s Best.

PAWS (Peoples Animal Welfare Society)

PAWS is an amazing a registered charity with a no-kill policy dedicated to helping homeless, abused and abandoned animals. My cat Pekoe came from there and I love to volunteer my time cleaning litter, feeding and watering and providing whatever support I can.




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