At Susan Gammage Coaching and Education, our priority is to be of service and to work for the betterment of the world.

We are:

    • an integral contributor to a vast global social and economic change process to achieve peace and well-being for the entire world, based on a spiritual principle paradigm
    • an instrument of social transformation rather than a means to serve our customers and earn a living
    • in the business of making a difference in the world, not about advancing our own self-interests
    • inclusive of everyone in decision making and work design
    • a highly motivating culture based on trust, cooperation and empowerment
    • committed to ensuring that our products, management practices and organizational structures are all in alignment with our mission
    • putting the “heart” back into the workplace
    • a place where employees create fulfilling lives for themselves

We believe that:

  • material wealth and social status are not in any way the true measure of a person’s wealth or recovery. Service and virtue, which are attainable by everyone, are the true measure of worth. These are the backbone of our program.
  • we will reduce waste to the landfills by reusing materials to the extent possible, by using recycled paper, and by participating in recycling programs.

All products and services:

  • add to human health, well-being, upliftment
  • improve the quality of life
  • are regularly improved to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of existing and new clients
  • are delivered in ways that benefit society: socially, environmentally and economically.

We ensure that:

  • everyone receives a creative, flexible learning environment which is personally suited to each person, and aids in the development of the skills needed to enhance spiritual growth and development
  • all services allow for individual lifestyle choices, and different learning styles
  • there is integrity, mutual benefit, respect and reciprocity, so that no one gains unfairly at the expense of the other.
  • disagreements are resolved through consultation, not confrontation.
  • profits are shared equitably

We deliver:

  • immediate relief from emotional distress
  • a better understanding of the purpose and meaning of your life and the context that tests and difficulties has in it
  • answers to your questions that you can trust, guaranteed by God
  • privacy and confidentiality respected

We understand that:

  • making a living is a natural by-product of staying true to our mission
  • people deserve equitable, flexible compensation plans including profit sharing
  • continuous improvement is accomplished by fostering an atmosphere of continuous learning and improvement at all levels of the organization

We expect the following from each and every employee:

  • to be heard, appreciated and respected
  • to have your needs fulfilled in excess of your expectations
  • to demonstrate patience with the changes that take time

In all decisions, we ask ourselves: “What is the just, honest, truthful and trustworthy action to take?”

A regular evaluation process has been built into the system, so that excellent ideas are not lost, but acted upon; to correct any shortcomings; and to introduce changes to create a continuous learning improvement process. We will always ask “what we did we do right?” and “how can we make it better?”

Handing the Funds:

We will be obedient to the laws of the land, even when the law is perceived as unjust, or it is common to disobey. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • We deal honestly with suppliers, clients and employees.
  • All bills are paid on time
  • All computers operate with valid licenses for all software
  • Accounting is done in an ethical way
  • All cash sales are reported
  • Personal expenses are not mixed with business expenses
  • We do not charge for more expenses than we actually use

We minimize any purchases that do not directly contribute to generating income.

We obtain long term, monthly or contract assignments for coaching and consulting, when possible.

Our philosophy is more than just words on paper.
We refer to it in all of our decisions, and
use it as a tool for evaluating our success each day.

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