ESL Testimonials

On a scale of 1-10, I will like to give you 11

Words failed me to convey my gratitude. You are so thoughtful and caring that you even help me to find out a way to let Oxford get my score in time! On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I will like to give you 11. The additional 1 for your kind consideration and your comfort! You are really a good teacher, because you always encourage your students to talk rather than you talk by yourself. You make full use of our class time, and I can see you do prepare for our class. I can never thank you enough! Thank you again!

Jane Cui

Kind and sweet

I have received my Test Report Form. My overall Band Score was 5. For listening: 4; for reading: 5.5; for writing: 5; for speaking: 5 This score has a little be better than last time for me. You are kind and sweet than the speaking examiner. hehe. Susan, thank you very much! You help me, you are excellent teacher. Keep in touch. Your friend and student. (Her band score when we started was 3.5)

Amy Duan

A great conversation teacher

I had my IELTS test on Saturday and tried hard to do my best to answer the conversation questions. Although I felt a little nervous and made many mistakes, I kept speaking and said as much as I could. I think I did better than the last time so I’m still very happy. Thank you very much!! I am so glad that I had a chance to meet such a great conversation teacher. That’s the most wonderful thing in my life. Thanks for your help and I look forward to talking with you as soon as possible.

Cari Kao

The best teacher

About my IELTS test: maybe I failed the test, but the speaking test is very well. I told to my tutor that I missed Susan very much. Thank you, Susan. You are the best teacher.


The most important thing is I love you so much

I miss you so much, and feel something wrong in my life, I think maybe the reason is that I used to talk with you every week. Oh, there’s one more thing. The most important thing is I love you so much.

Cari Kao

The first English teacher who send me mails

I’m so glad to receive your e-mail, you know, you are the first English teacher who send me mails~~~ I feel moved deeply, I think I will preserve those letters forever.

Yellow Huangcora

Professionalism and skilled teaching methodology

Due to your professionalism and skilled teaching methodology, I am looking forward to a measurable improvement in English.

Chris Jian

Completely dedicated to her students

In terms of her being an E.S.L. teacher I have no hesitation in recommending Susan. I know she is completely dedicated to her students and determined that they achieve the goals they set for themselves. She speaks clearly and calmly but with authority and her profound integrity as a self assured individual is apparent.

Geoff Booth, Recruitment and School Board Liaison Officer
EF Foundation for Foreign Study, Toronto

A valuable asset

Susan Gammage completed the TESOL training course in 2007, with a near perfect score of 98% in her final exam. She acquired the new knowledge and concepts with ease, and presented herself in a professional manner during the practical training and presentation. Susan’s strong communications skills combined with her ability to adapt quickly and easily to new situations are qualities that will make Susan an excellent EFL/ESL teacher. I am confident in adding that Susan will be a valuable asset to any ESL Institute, and those that will have the pleasure of working with Susan will be impressed with her ability to handle any given situation with confidence and interest for others.

Heather Baer, Instructor, Global TESOL

Very reliable and conscientious

Without exception Susan has met the demands of her students in such a way that all students have been extremely pleased with her teaching and I have only received compliments and good reports concerning Susan from her students.

In addition, Susan has proven to be a very reliable and conscientious teacher for The Language Net. Always doing what she has promised to do, clearly informing us if she is unable to do something, and anticipating possible difficulties has made Susan very easy to work with in the not always easy to work with online environment. I would not hesitate to recommend Susan for any position she cares to apply for just as I would not hesitate to work with Susan again myself.

Michael Williams, The Language Net

A style that reflects a joyful embracing of the task at hand

It is with great pleasure that I write this reference on behalf of Ms. Susan Gammage. Susan has been consistent, reliable, organized, and highly prepared. Susan interacted in a friendly and professional manner with Online Trainees, fellow tutors and supervisors. She has been able to teach effectively and has a style that reflects a joyful embracing of the task at hand. She has been always positive, upbeat and fun. Susan is viewed as a valuable member of our faculty.

Luis Tamayo, Director,
International Teacher Training Organization, Mexico

Strives for excellence in all of her undertakings

Ms. Gammage is a courteous and kind individual who ensures that everyone she collaborates with has a vital role to play in their project. Recently, Ms. Gammage was asked to come to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, another isolated community in Labrador, to work on a social and economic development project that I am part of. Ms. Gammage’s task was to facilitate a workshop for a group of 10 individuals. One of her biggest challenges was to take what would normally have been an eight-day workshop and compress it into four and one-half days. Her exceptional time-management techniques allowed her meet this deadline with ease. Additionally, her superior personnel management skills helped to ensure that her students were happy throughout the workshop and eager to keep up the very demanding pace. Any problems that arose were resolved immediately either through consultation with the individual concerned or with the group as a whole. As a result, all participants successfully completed the program and were well prepared for the next phase of the project.

I know that Ms. Gammage strives for excellence in all of her undertakings. As a result I am pleased to give her my highest recommendation. I would be happy to work with her on any project in which she expressed an interest.

Kelly Barr

Performance is impeccable

I have had several occasions in which to enlist the education and training services of Ms. Susan Gammage. Her performance is impeccable and to this her students will testify. Ms. Gammage is competent in the field of adult education and I have been so satisfied with the demonstration of her abilities, that I would not hesitate to employ her again. She balances very well two traits which are in high demand – that of a strong sense of responsibility manifest in self-initiative and that of working well with others and deriving direction from a willingness to be a team player. I offer you my unreserved recommendations should you have an opportunity to employ her talents as a teacher, trainer, tutor, animator or instructor.

Paul Vreeland,
Regional Institute Coordinator

Willing to go the extra mile

Susan Gammage is always helpful, considerate and cheerful. She is willing to go the extra mile in making the customer happy, including staying late. In dealing with customers, she takes the time to analyse their needs and match those needs with the best solution at hand. At all times she acts responsibly, and accepts accountability for her actions. She takes time to ask for feedback and is always eager to learn. Her communication skills are excellent, and she works well with people. It is a pleasure working with her; she is cheerful and pleasant, always smiling and upbeat.

Sheila Givens, SME Strategies, Inc,

Very excited at the momentum you have helped establish

Congratulations on a job well done! I just received an oral report from Joyce. Three of the four students favored or strongly favored the new format over the current format. (Joyce has not been able to reach the other student.) Susan, I am very excited at the momentum you have helped establish in improving the PC product. This will help our sales and the ongoing efforts for seeking investment.

James Pan, i-SIMA

Very kind and easygoing

I’m very happy to work with you since you are very kind and easygoing. Wish you good luck and I sincerely hope to become your friend.

Jocelyn Han

Great and easy to be working with you

It’s been almost a month cooperating with you. Susan I feel great and easy to be working with you.

Joyce Chai

A comprehensive teacher

Susan is a comprehensive teacher as well as patient. She has sense of responsibility, focuses on the feelings of students; is graceful, enthusiastic and gives timely encouragement to the students.


Students like your smile

Thanks for going the extra mile to extend extra help to Bonny. I really appreciate your dedication to deliver the best service to customers. Students like your style of teaching, especially your constant appraisal and smile, which made students feel comfortable at talking. I am impressed with two other things.
1) Your wrap-up session: You cited specific improvements you’d like individual students to have, which helped stress extra learning points they should take away, besides speaking exercise.
2) You were calm and remained cheerful even in light of technical difficulties.

James Pan,
i-SIMA , China

You don’t know how well-liked and popular you are

Help! We all have a burning desire that you could also give the PC class on Wed as scheduled as well as the IELTS class because you don’t know how well-liked and popular you are among the students. Also, my colleagues strongly insist you have the ESSD class for the trail students this Sunday morning. You see, they are so confident about you. Indeed, you are a great teacher and a very kind person. I love you so much.

Xiao Zheng

The quality of our courses can be guaranteed

I have been so pleased to work with you. Your most impressive ideas broadened my horizon of developing teaching materials. I have to thank you, because of your great teaching methods, that our students are benefiting from the classes. So the students, James, and me are luckier to have you! I feel so lucky that James has you aboard, that the quality of our courses can be guaranteed.

George Tan Songbai

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