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Who is Susan Gammage?


A nature-loving adventurer

I live in Muskoka (Huntsville, Ontario), in one of the most beautiful parts of Canada, surrounded by lakes, forests and rocks (see pictures here) When I look out my window, I often see deer in my backyard! I love being out in nature, and I love going on adventures including camping, canoeing, kayaking, rappelling, hot air ballooning and on my last birthday, I even went skydiving!


In my spare time I like to read, do yoga and aquafit, participate in community cooking classes and teach circle dance. I am also a very active member of the Bahá’í Faith.

A pioneer in new ways of living, based on the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh

I am a pioneer in new ways of living, based son the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh. Through my research and understanding of the Bahá’í Writings, I am an innovator in applying the Bahá’í Writings to everyday life situations, recovery from abuse , and in the use of prayer to solve problems.







Before I get out of bed in the morning, I take a moment to appreciate the day ahead of me, and to remember who is in charge. I determine to make my behaviour today, better than yesterday, and I turn my day over to God, so that my movement and my stillness is wholly directed by Him. My heart is sanctified from everything except God and I take care to put Him ahead of all else at all times and under all conditions. I don’t pretend to know where my life will take me next, nor do I inquire or seek to know. I am in the flow of life and comfortable with the blessings which flow my way. I ask God daily to guide my steps aright through His inspiration, and am assured that every move I make is in accordance with Divine wisdom.

A love for life-long learning

I went to school part time for 12 years, earning my BA in Psychology and Social Work and my Masters Degree in Human Service Planning and Delivery while working full time. Since then, I have always taken courses (in voluntary sector and arts management, library and information sciences, economic development, career development, teaching English as a Second Language) and leaned new skills (orientation and mobility, Ruhi, computers, resume writing, info-preneuring, online marketing, coaching, business training).


Using information to empower people

I love to use information to empower people, and in my role as “Information Sifter”, I research and categorize information and present it in easy-to-read formats. Among other projects, I started BALANCE , a successful agency for the blind, researched material for an Operations Resource Manual for attendant care programs; conducted a study on the “Effects of Mining on Women’s Health” , developed content for various websites and ebooks, designed curriculum for ESL student in Business English and preparation courses for the IELTS and TOEFL tests of English proficiency. My book, “Abuse and Violence: Reasons and Remedies” will be published later this year.


A love for people of other cultures

I have a love for people of other cultures and a sincere desire to empower them to succeed in their chosen path, so this is a perfect job for me! I have clients literally on every continent of the world, even in remote parts of Nepal and Africa!


Well travelled

I have lived and worked in Malaysia and Cyprus; traveled to Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, Israel, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany so I understand the challenges of learning a new language.

What qualifies me as a life coach?

Work with individuals on goal setting and problem solving

I earn my livelihood by providing Bahá’í-inspired life coaching services, writing ground-breaking books gleaned from my understanding of the Bahá’í Writings and by giving talks at workshops and conferences. I work with individuals in person and over the phone on goal setting and problem solving. I speak with an eloquent tongue and resolute heart, and contribute to the unity of every gathering I attend. I sell products using quotes from my books.


Use information to empower

I have found a group of people to work with, who are willing to explore new ideas to problem solving, and we work together on multiple community service projects. I support people in their initiatives. I use information to empower. I help people overcome “learned helplessness”. I give hope to the hopeless. I help people hear themselves speak. I find simple solutions to complex problems. I do not let the clamour of the world divert me from my goal of being of service to others. I have learned to serve others selflessly, without seeking their approval. The gifts I give to others flow back and bless and enrich my life.


Flowing from one activity to another

I intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle me. Life has become much simpler. I don’t have to work so hard at life. Things flow from one activity to another. My days are full and I fall into bed each night pleasantly exhausted but exhilarated by everything I have accomplished.


Overcome my childhood abuse issues

My life is a profile of courage, having mastered adversity and reclaimed my nobility. I have overcome my childhood abuse issues and have assumed responsibility for my life. I am living up to a promise I made to myself, that if I was ever able to put the abuse behind me, I would let others know it is possible. I am paying back the mentors, who loved me back into being, by paying it forward.

No longer a victim

The post-traumatic stress symptoms that used to plague my life are gone. I know that stress is inevitable, and I take steps so that I am no longer a victim to the anxiety and depression which used to accompany it. I have made peace with my parents, siblings, son and previous partners.


Found new goals

I have overcome my belief that, in starting an agency for the blind nearly 20 years ago, I completed what I came to earth to do. I have found new goals to work toward and do so eagerly and joyfully.


People relate to me because I am real

I share my insecurities with others, when appropriate, so that I do not appear perfect when I am not. People relate to me because I am real. I have no more shameful secrets. I have released all known character defects and am working to acquire virtues.


Balanced life

My life is in balance. I get plenty of exercise walking from one activity to another, going to aquafit, and teaching circle dance. I eat simple foods that are organically grown. I minimize my reliance on sugar but still enjoy my truffles. I look after my health by making use of a multitude of alternative health practitioners. I get regular massage to relieve the tension from my body. I take time to relax, and read. I take time for afternoon tea. I watch movies that inspire and uplift and I make popcorn. I love to go to the theatre. I eat at restaurants that serve good quality food, and are unpretentious.



I am at peace because I take time every day for prayer, meditation and yoga. I call myself to account each day, looking at my strengths, clearing myself of all resentments and making amends to those I have harmed. I have discovered a clothing style that is uniquely mine, but it is the light that is lit from within which attracts the hearts of others.


A candle in the darkness

I am happy to be a candle in the darkness of superstition, hatred, prejudice, oppression and materialism. I have learned to call on the Concourse on High and make regular use of them to assist people with their problems.


Organized, focused

I have the freedom to write, to walk, to spend time in nature, to be alone. I strive every day to perform the little steps that will lead to big accomplishments. I grab life by the horns, taking advantage of opportunities that pass my way. I never run out of ideas. When they come to me, I record them so that I can act on them when the time is right.


Happy, joyful and grateful

I choose to be a happy and joyful being. I am in awe of the small things that come my way, particularly those which were unplanned. I take advantage of the best things in life, which are free. I say “thank you” often and mean it.


Catch people doing things right

I reward people’s efforts. I catch them doing something right. I encourage them. I find situations to laugh at every day, and don’t take anything too seriously. I smile often at everyone I meet, even through my pain and tests and disappointments.


Strive for excellence

I strive for excellence in everything I do, letting go of my need for perfectionism. I contribute to the well-being of the planet and am constantly learning. My life purpose is to bring positive, creative energy into the world.



The work I do and the service I render to the community is totally congruent with my values and I compromise nothing in the process. Nothing I do oppresses another, knowingly, and when I discover the negative effects of my behaviour, I am quick to change.


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